Zapr: How to Optimize Your TV Campaigns with Data-Driven Insights and Tools

 Zapr: How to Optimize Your TV Campaigns with Data-Driven Insights and Tools – TV is one of the most powerful and popular mediums for advertising, reaching millions of viewers across the country. However, TV advertising also faces many challenges, such as fragmentation, measurement, attribution, and optimization. How can brands and broadcasters make the most of their TV campaigns, and ensure that they reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message?


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Bengaluru
  • STATE : Karnataka
  • STARTED IN : 2012
  • FOUNDERS : Deepak Baid, Sajo Mathews and Sandipan Mondal

You can find their website here.

Zapr is a platform that helps brands and broadcasters optimize their TV campaigns with data-driven insights and tools. Zapr is India’s largest media consumption repository and audience targeting platform, using cutting-edge technology to capture and analyze TV viewership data from millions of households. Zapr enables brands and broadcasters to measure, segment, target, and retarget TV audiences across digital platforms, and enhance their TV campaign performance and ROI.

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How Zapr Works

Zapr works in three main steps:

  1. Data Capture: Zapr captures TV viewership data from millions of households, using a proprietary technology that breaks down ambient sound into numbers, without recording any audio. Zapr uses smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to identify the TV channels and programs that are being watched by the users, and sends the data to Zapr’s cloud servers.
  2. Data Analysis: Zapr analyzes the TV viewership data, using advanced algorithms and machine learning, to generate insights and reports on various aspects of TV consumption, such as reach, frequency, affinity, overlap, and impact. Zapr also creates rich and granular profiles of TV audiences, based on their demographics, behavior, and preferences.
  3. Data Activation: Zapr activates the TV viewership data, by enabling brands and broadcasters to segment and target TV audiences across digital platforms, such as Facebook, Google, and Hotstar. Zapr also allows brands and broadcasters to retarget TV audiences, by showing them relevant and personalized ads on digital platforms, based on their TV exposure and response.
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Why Zapr is Different

Zapr is not just another TV analytics and targeting platform. It is a game-changer for the TV advertising industry, offering several benefits and features that set it apart from the competition. Some of these are:

  • Comprehensive and accurate: Zapr covers all types of TV content, such as live, recorded, and OTT, across all genres, languages, and regions. Zapr also has a high accuracy and reliability of TV viewership data, as it uses a patented technology that does not rely on audio fingerprinting or watermarking.
  • Real-time and actionable: Zapr provides real-time and granular TV viewership data, which can be accessed and activated on the same day of the TV campaign. Zapr also provides actionable and customized recommendations and solutions, based on the specific goals and objectives of the brands and broadcasters.
  • Scalable and flexible: Zapr can handle any volume and variety of TV viewership data, as it has a scalable and robust cloud infrastructure. Zapr also offers flexible and tailored plans and packages, catering to the different needs and budgets of the brands and broadcasters.
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How to Get Started with Zapr

If you are a brand or a broadcaster looking for a smart and innovative way to optimize your TV campaigns, then Zapr is the perfect platform for you. You can get started with Zapr by visiting their website here or contacting their team here. You can also read more about their story, vision, and values here or check out their media coverage here.

Zapr is the future of TV advertising optimization. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the revolution and take your TV campaigns to the next level. Sign up with Zapr today and see the difference for yourself. 😊

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