Xplorabox: A Fun Way to Learn and Grow

 Xplorabox: A Fun Way to Learn and Grow – Do you want to give your child the best learning experience possible? Do you want to make learning fun and engaging for your child? Do you want to help your child develop various skills and abilities that will prepare them for the future? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to check out Xplorabox.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Delhi
  • STATE : Delhi
  • STARTED IN : 2017
  • FOUNDERS : Dhirendra Meena, Rishabh Gupta and Rishi Das Agarwal

You can find their website here

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 What is Xplorabox?

Xplorabox is an educational subscription ecommerce startup that offers activity-based learning programmes for children aged between two and ten. It focuses on promoting ‘Learning Through Fun’ with its innovative products, fun stories, and educational activities that are delivered to your doorstep every month.

Each Xplorabox contains a theme-based box packed with some exciting projects, games, DIY activities, and a story book. The themes are carefully chosen to suit the age and interests of your child, and the activities are designed to foster cognitive, motor, and creative skills in your child, aligning with educational curricula.

Some of the themes that Xplorabox has offered in the past include:

– Space Adventure
– Little Scientist
– World Traveller
– Dino Land
– Ocean Explorer
– Jungle Safari
– and many more!

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Why choose Xplorabox?

Xplorabox is not just another toy or game that your child will play with once and forget. It is a learning tool that will help your child grow and thrive in multiple ways. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Xplorabox for your child:

– It stimulates your child’s curiosity and imagination, and encourages them to explore and discover new things.
– It enhances your child’s problem-solving, analytical, and logical skills, and helps them develop a scientific temper.
– It improves your child’s fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity.
– It boosts your child’s creativity, self-expression, and artistic skills, and helps them unleash their inner Picasso.
– It fosters your child’s social and emotional skills, and helps them develop empathy, communication, and teamwork.
– It provides your child with quality time and bonding with you and other family members, and creates lasting memories.
– It makes learning fun and enjoyable for your child, and helps them develop a positive attitude towards education.

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 How to get Xplorabox?

Getting Xplorabox for your child is easy and convenient. All you have to do is:

– Visit the [ website]  and choose the age group of your child (2-4 years, 4-6 years, 6-8 years, or 8-10 years).
– Select the subscription plan that suits your budget and preference (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly).
– Enter your shipping and payment details, and place your order.
– Wait for your Xplorabox to arrive at your doorstep, and enjoy the learning journey with your child.

You can also gift Xplorabox to your friends and relatives who have children, and spread the joy of learning.

 What are people saying about Xplorabox?

Xplorabox has received positive feedback and reviews from many parents and educators who have tried it for their children. Here are some of the testimonials that Xplorabox has received:

– “Xplorabox is a wonderful concept that combines learning and fun in a very effective way. My daughter loves the activities and the story book that come with each box. She looks forward to receiving her Xplorabox every month and can’t wait to open it and start playing. I am very happy with the quality and variety of the products and the service. Thank you Xplorabox for making learning so much fun for my daughter.” – Priya, mother of a 5-year-old girl

– “Xplorabox is a great way to keep my son engaged and entertained during the lockdown. He enjoys doing the projects and games that come with each box, and learns something new every time. He also likes to share his creations and experiences with his friends and cousins online. I appreciate the effort and creativity that goes into making each box, and the customer support that is always prompt and helpful. I highly recommend Xplorabox to all parents who want to give their children a holistic learning experience.” – Ravi, father of a 7-year-old boy

– “Xplorabox is a fantastic resource for teaching and learning in the classroom. I use it for my students who are in the 4-6 years age group, and they love it. It helps me to introduce and reinforce various concepts and skills in a fun and interactive way. It also helps me to differentiate and cater to the diverse needs and abilities of my students. The activities are aligned with the curriculum and the learning outcomes, and the materials are of high quality and durable. Xplorabox is a must-have for every teacher who wants to make learning fun and meaningful for their students.” – Neha, teacher of a kindergarten class

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How to Contact  Xplorabox ?

If you have any queries, feedback, or complaints regarding Xplorabox , you can contact them through the following ways:

  • Call them on their toll-free number : 098183 36734
  • Email them at: hello@xplorabox.com
  •  Follow them on their :
  • Visit their office at: D-160, Pocket H, Sector 10, Noida, Delhi 201301, India, Delhi, Delhi, India.

Xplorabox is a unique and innovative way to help your child learn and grow. It is more than just a toy or a game, it is a learning partner that will accompany your child on their educational journey. It will help your child develop various skills and abilities that will prepare them for the future, and make learning fun and enjoyable for them. It will also provide you with an opportunity to spend quality time and bond with your child, and create lasting memories.

If you are looking for a gift that will make your child happy and smart, look no further than Xplorabox. Order your Xplorabox today, and get ready to witness the magic of learning through fun.

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