Whatfix: The Ultimate Digital Adoption Platform for Enterprises

Whatfix is a SaaS based digital adoption platform (DAP) that provides organizations with a no-code editor to create in-app guidance and self-help support on any application that looks 100% native. Whether it is web, desktop, or mobile, Whatfix empowers users to learn, use, and adopt applications with ease and efficiency.  We will explore the features, benefits, and use cases of Whatfix, and how it can help you achieve your digital transformation goals.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Bengaluru
  • STATE : Karnataka
  • STARTED IN : 2013
  • FOUNDERS : Jawahar Prasad Jayaprakash, Khadim Hussain Ismail Batti and Namburu Maruthi Priya Kanyaka Vara Kumar
  • TOTAL INVESTMENT : ₹10252.00M

You can find their website here.

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Features of Whatfix

Whatfix offers a range of features to help you create interactive and personalized user experiences on any application. Some of the key features are:

  • Walkthroughs: You can create step-by-step guidance for any task or process on your application, and trigger them based on user actions, events, or segments. You can also customize the look and feel, content, and behavior of the walkthroughs to suit your branding and user needs.
  • Product Tours: You can introduce new features, updates, or changes to your application with engaging product tours that highlight the value proposition and benefits of your product. You can also use product tours to onboard new users, increase feature discovery, and drive user engagement.
  • User Onboarding Checklists: You can create checklists that guide users through the essential steps to get started with your application. You can also track the progress and completion of the checklists, and provide feedback and rewards to motivate users.
  • Smart Tips: You can provide contextual and relevant tips to users on any element of your application, such as buttons, fields, menus, etc. You can also use smart tips to validate user inputs, provide hints, or suggest best practices.
  • Self-Help Wikis: You can create a searchable and interactive knowledge base for your application, where users can access FAQs, videos, articles, documents, and more. You can also embed the self-help widget on any page of your application, and allow users to access the information they need without leaving the app.
  • Hotspots: You can draw attention to important or new elements of your application with animated hotspots that pulse or glow. You can also link the hotspots to walkthroughs, product tours, or other resources to provide more information or guidance.
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Benefits of Whatfix

Whatfix can help you achieve various benefits for your organization and your users, such as:

  • Increase user productivity: By providing in-app guidance and support, you can help users complete tasks and processes faster and easier, and reduce errors and mistakes. You can also reduce the need for external training and documentation, and save time and resources.
  • Reduce support costs: By providing self-help and on-demand support, you can reduce the number of support tickets and calls, and improve user satisfaction and retention. You can also reduce the dependency on IT and developers, and enable business users to create and manage the content and guidance.
  • Increase process compliance: By providing standardized and consistent guidance, you can ensure that users follow the best practices and policies of your organization, and comply with the regulations and requirements of your industry. You can also monitor and measure the user behavior and performance, and identify and address any gaps or issues.
  • Improve feature discovery: By providing product tours and hotspots, you can showcase the value and benefits of your product features, and encourage users to explore and use them. You can also increase user engagement and loyalty, and reduce churn and attrition.
  • Accelerate digital transformation: By providing digital adoption solutions for any application, you can enable users to adopt and adapt to new technologies and changes faster and easier, and overcome the challenges and barriers of digital transformation. You can also align your business goals and user needs, and drive innovation and growth.
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Use Cases of Whatfix

Whatfix can be used for various use cases and scenarios, such as:

  • User Onboarding: You can onboard new users to your application with walkthroughs, product tours, checklists, and more, and help them understand the value and functionality of your product. You can also segment and personalize the onboarding experience based on user roles, preferences, or behavior, and increase user activation and adoption.
  • Employee Training and Development: You can train and upskill your employees on any application or software with interactive and contextual guidance and support, and help them perform their tasks and roles better. You can also provide continuous learning and feedback, and increase employee productivity and performance.
  • Customer Success and Retention: You can provide customer success and retention solutions for your application with self-help, smart tips, product tours, and more, and help your customers achieve their desired outcomes and goals. You can also provide proactive and reactive support, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Change Management: You can manage and communicate any changes or updates to your application with product tours, hotspots, walkthroughs, and more, and help your users adapt to the new features or functionality. You can also reduce user resistance and frustration, and increase user acceptance and adoption.
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Whatfix is a data-driven digital adoption platform that enables organizations and users to maximize the benefits of software. It offers a no-code editor to create in-app guidance and self-help support on any application that looks 100% native. It also provides advanced product analytics and AI-powered features to understand and optimize user behavior and performance. Whatfix can help you increase user productivity, reduce support costs, increase process compliance, improve feature discovery, and accelerate digital transformation. If you want to learn more about Whatfix, you can visit their website, read their Wikipedia page, or check out their blog. You can also sign up for a free trial or request a demo to see Whatfix in action. Whatfix is the ultimate digital adoption platform for enterprises, and you should definitely give it a try. 😊

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