Vahan: A Platform for Hiring Blue and Grey Collar Workers Using AI

Vahan: A Platform for Hiring Blue and Grey Collar Workers Using AI – Finding and hiring blue and grey collar workers in India can be a challenging task for many businesses, especially in the gig economy. There are millions of potential candidates, but reaching out to them, screening them, and matching them with the right jobs can be time-consuming and costly. That’s where Vahan comes in.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Bengaluru
  • STATE : Karnataka
  • STARTED IN : 2016
  • FOUNDERS : Madhav Krishna and Mohammed Abdoolcarim

You can find their website here.

Vahan is a platform that helps businesses hire blue and grey collar workers using AI. Vahan’s AI-based chatbot reaches out to millions of job seekers through messaging apps like WhatsApp, and engages them in a natural conversation. The chatbot then assesses their skills, preferences, and suitability for various jobs, and connects them with the employers. Vahan also provides end-to-end support for the hiring process, such as scheduling interviews, verifying documents, and facilitating payments.

We will explore some of the features and benefits of Vahan, and how it is transforming the hiring landscape in India.

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How does Vahan work?

Vahan works in three simple steps:

  • Reach: Vahan partners with telecom operators like Airtel to reach out to over 30 crore people across India. Vahan’s chatbot sends automated messages to the potential candidates, inviting them to apply for various jobs. The candidates can reply to the messages using their preferred language, and start a conversation with the chatbot.
  • Screen: Vahan’s chatbot asks the candidates a series of questions to understand their profile, skills, experience, and preferences. The chatbot also conducts interactive assessments to test their aptitude, communication, and domain-specific skills. The chatbot then evaluates the candidates and assigns them a score based on their suitability for the jobs.
  • Match: Vahan’s chatbot matches the candidates with the best-fit jobs based on their score, location, and availability. The chatbot also sends them relevant information about the jobs, such as the role, salary, benefits, and working hours. The chatbot then coordinates with the employers and the candidates to schedule interviews, collect feedback, and confirm offers.
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What are the benefits of Vahan?

Vahan has many benefits for both the employers and the candidates. Some of the benefits are:

  • For the employers:
    • Vahan helps them access a large and untapped pool of talent, especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, where traditional hiring methods are not effective.
    • Vahan reduces the cost and time of hiring, as the chatbot automates the entire process of sourcing, screening, and matching the candidates, without any human intervention.
    • Vahan improves the quality and retention of hires, as the chatbot ensures that the candidates are well-informed, interested, and qualified for the jobs.
    • Vahan enables them to scale up their hiring operations, as the chatbot can handle multiple conversations and candidates simultaneously, and provide real-time data and analytics.
  • For the candidates:
    • Vahan helps them discover and apply for various jobs that match their skills, preferences, and aspirations, without any hassle or expense.
    • Vahan empowers them to showcase their potential, as the chatbot evaluates them based on their abilities and performance, rather than their credentials or background.
    • Vahan enhances their employability, as the chatbot provides them with feedback, guidance, and learning opportunities to improve their skills and confidence.
    • Vahan supports them throughout their career journey, as the chatbot follows up with them regularly, and connects them with new opportunities and benefits.
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Who are Vahan’s clients?

Vahan has helped some of the biggest names in the gig economy, such as Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo, Rapido, and Shadowfax, to hire thousands of delivery partners, drivers, and riders across India. Vahan has also worked with other sectors, such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, and education, to hire various roles, such as housekeepers, sales executives, nurses, and teachers.

Vahan has received recognition and funding from various prestigious organizations, such as Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, World Economic Forum, and Google. Vahan has also partnered with the Government of Telangana to upskill 30,000 students in the state.

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Vahan is a platform that uses AI to help businesses hire blue and grey collar workers in India. Vahan’s chatbot reaches out to millions of job seekers through messaging apps, screens them based on their skills and suitability, and matches them with the best-fit jobs. Vahan also provides end-to-end support for the hiring process, such as scheduling interviews, verifying documents, and facilitating payments.

Vahan is a part of the digital India initiative, and aims to create a positive impact on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in the country. If you are a business looking for a fast, easy, and effective way to hire blue and grey collar workers, or a candidate looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career, you should definitely check out Vahan and make use of its services.

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