Vahak: Fueling India’s Logistics Revolution with Technology and Innovation

Vahak: How a Logistics Marketplace is Empowering the Transport Ecosystem in India – Vahak is a logistics marketplace that connects shippers and transporters in India. Founded in 2019 by Karan Shaha and Vikas Chandrawat, Vahak is on a mission to make cargo transportation easy, efficient, and transparent for everyone involved. Vahak claims to be helping truck drivers earn more than twice what they usually earn on some major routes across India, by increasing truck utilization and reducing intermediaries.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Bengaluru
  • STATE : Karnataka
  • STARTED IN : 2017
  • FOUNDERS : Ishan Darolia, Karan Shaha and Vikas Chandrawat
  • TOTAL INVESTMENT : ₹1485.56M

You can find their website here.

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What is Vahak and how does it work?

Vahak is a free-to-use, open marketplace for shippers and transport SMEs to discover and connect with truckers. It is also a networking community of truck owners, transporters, and consignors, where they can share their business cards, ratings, and reviews. Vahak aims to eliminate the communication gap and the information asymmetry that currently exist in the road transport industry.

Vahak provides a simple and intuitive app, where users can post their load or lorry requirements, and get instant bids from verified transporters and truck operators. Users can also browse the live listings of available loads and lorries, and bid on the ones that suit their needs. Vahak enables users to compare prices, negotiate deals, and book trucks, trailers, and containers for road haulage services.

Vahak also provides value-added services, such as real-time tracking, digital documentation, online payments, and insurance, to ensure a hassle-free and secure logistics experience for the users. Vahak leverages technology, data, and analytics to optimize the supply and demand of cargo transportation, and to offer the best rates and service quality to the users.

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What is the vision and impact of Vahak?

Vahak envisions to become the largest and most trusted online transport marketplace in India, by bringing transparency, efficiency, and reliability to the transport ecosystem. Vahak believes that there is a huge opportunity in the segment of small and medium transporters and truck owners, who account for 85% of the market share, but face several challenges, such as low utilization, high commissions, payment delays, and lack of access to quality loads and lorries.

Vahak is creating a win-win situation for the shippers and the transporters, by enabling them to find the best matches for their transportation needs, and by reducing their operational costs and risks. Vahak is also creating a positive social impact, by empowering the truck drivers, who are the backbone of the economy, and by reducing the carbon footprint, by minimizing the empty miles and the fuel consumption.

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What is the growth and future of Vahak?

Vahak has been growing rapidly since its inception. The startup has raised $14 million in Series A funding, led by Sequoia Capital India and RTP Global, along with existing investors Leo Capital and Better Capital. It has an annual GMV of $100 million and expects to grow 10X to $1 billion GMV next year. It is currently present in 300 cities with 40,000 transporters and 3 lakh truck owners on its platform.

Vahak is not just focused on scaling up, but also on improving its technology, product, and service. The startup is constantly innovating and experimenting with new features and offerings, such as dynamic pricing, predictive analytics, and smart contracts. Vahak is also exploring new verticals and segments, such as cold chain, agri-logistics, and e-commerce.

Vahak is on a journey to transform the logistics industry in India, by bringing the power of the internet to the transport ecosystem. It is creating a seamless and smart logistics platform for the shippers and the transporters, where they can find everything they need, at their convenience, and at the best price. Vahak is not just a logistics marketplace, but a logistics revolution.

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