Urdhvam: Rejuvenating Groundwater, One Borewell at a Time

Urdhvam: Rejuvenating Groundwater, One Borewell at a Time – With depleting water tables becoming a critical concern worldwide, Urdhvam Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is emerging as a beacon of hope in India. This innovative company focuses on sustainable groundwater management, specifically targeting the revival of failing and low-yielding borewells.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Pune
  • STATE : Maharashtra
  • STARTED IN : 2017
  • FOUNDERS : Rahul Bakare, Vinit Phadnis and Vinit Moreshwar Phadnis

You can find their website here

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The Challenge: Vanishing Groundwater

Groundwater serves as a vital source for agriculture, drinking water, and industrial use. However, due to factors like excessive extraction and climate change, groundwater levels are rapidly declining across India. This poses a significant threat to food security, water availability, and overall well-being.

Traditionally, when a borewell loses its yield, farmers are forced to drill deeper or resort to expensive alternatives. This can be financially unsustainable and further strain already depleting water resources.

Urdhvam’s Solution: The BoreCharger Technology

Urdhvam tackles this challenge with their patented BoreCharger technology. This innovative approach utilizes a robotic arm to create perforations in the borewell walls within unconfined aquifers. These perforations enhance the well’s ability to capture and store rainwater, ultimately leading to increased water yield.

The BoreCharger offers several advantages:

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to drilling new borewells, the BoreCharger technology is a more affordable solution for reviving existing ones.
  • Sustainable: By maximizing existing resources, BoreCharger promotes sustainable water management practices.
  • Efficient: The technology can increase borewell water supply and extend its duration for up to five additional months.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By promoting rainwater harvesting, BoreCharger helps replenish groundwater reserves and reduce pressure on freshwater sources.
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Beyond BoreCharger: A Holistic Approach

Urdhvam doesn’t limit itself to BoreCharger technology. They offer a comprehensive range of groundwater management services, including:

  • Groundwater Mapping: Urdhvam utilizes advanced techniques to map groundwater availability, helping clients make informed decisions about water usage.
  • Watershed Management: Their team implements strategies to improve water retention within a particular watershed, ultimately benefiting groundwater recharge.
  • Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting: Urdhvam promotes and installs rooftop rainwater harvesting systems, further supplementing groundwater resources.+91 91 1717 4040
  • GIS & Information Technology: Urdhvam leverages GIS technology and data anal
    Row House No-7 Shroff Soleno ,
    Opposite Orchid Hotel Baner Mahalunge Road, Pune 411045, Maharashtra, INDIA.ysis to gain valuable insights into water management challenges and solutions.
  • Training & Capacity Building: Urdhvam empowers communities through training programs on sustainable water practices and resource conservation.

How to Contact  Urdhvam ?

If you have any queries, feedback, or complaints regarding Urdhvam , you can contact them through the following ways:

  • Call them on their toll-free number: – +91 91 1717 4040
  • Email them at: info@borecharger.com,
  •  Follow them on their : LinkedIn ,Youtube
  • Visit their office at: Row House No-7 Shroff Soleno , Opposite Orchid Hotel Baner Mahalunge Road, Pune 411045, Maharashtra,                                                                            INDIA.
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Urdhvam: A Beacon of Hope for the Future

By focusing on reviving borewells, promoting rainwater harvesting, and advocating for sustainable water management, Urdhvam is making a significant contribution to India’s water security. Their innovative solutions and holistic approach position them as a key player in ensuring a water-secure future for the nation.

For those interested in learning more about Urdhvam’s services and how they can help revitalize failing borewells and promote sustainable water practices, visiting their website or contacting them directly is recommended.

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