UK plant-based dairy products face name change under new rules

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The UK government is considering new rules that would force plant-based dairy products to change their names to avoid confusion with real dairy products. The rules, which are based on an outdated EU law, would ban the use of terms like “m*lk”, “cheeze” and “not milk” on labels.

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The Plant-based Food Alliance UK (PbFA) has criticised the proposed rules as “draconian” and “unnecessary”, and has urged the environment secretary to intervene. The PbFA argues that the rules would harm the industry, increase costs for consumers, and discourage sustainable choices.

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The rules are supported by the dairy industry, which claims that plant-based products are misleading and inferior to real dairy products. However, the plant-based food industry says that consumers are not confused and that plant-based products have their own nutritional benefits.
Trading standards officials are thought to be on the brink of issuing a ban on the use of words and phrases on labels like ‘m*lk’ and ‘cheeze’. Photograph: FotoDuets/Getty Images/iStockphoto
The rules are expected to be issued soon by a group of trading standards officers, who have the power to enforce the law on dairy labelling and marketing standards. The rules would apply to all plant-based products that resemble dairy products, such as spreads, yogurts, creams, and desserts.

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