TSAW Drones: Enabling Seamless Connectivity Across India with Drones

TSAW Drones: Enabling Seamless Connectivity Across India with Drones – Drones are emerging as a powerful and versatile technology that can transform various industries and applications, such as logistics, agriculture, surveillance, and disaster management. However, most of the existing drone solutions are limited by the range, reliability, and regulation of the drone operations, which hinder their adoption and scalability. Imagine if you could overcome these challenges and enable seamless connectivity across India with a multi-modal approach of combining drones and electric vehicles for on-demand cargo logistics. That is the vision of TSAW Drones, a startup that provides end-to-end drone solutions for logistics.

TSAW Drones

Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Deoria
  • STATE : Uttar Pradesh
  • STARTED IN : 2019
  • FOUNDERS : Kapil Kumar and Kishan Tiwari

You can find their website here

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What is TSAW Drones?

TSAW Drones is a drone logistics company that aims to enable seamless connectivity across India with a multi-modal approach of combining drones and electric vehicles for on-demand cargo logistics. TSAW Drones was founded in 2019 by Rimanshu Pandey, Kishan Tiwari, and Ankit Kumar, who wanted to automate and optimize the process of transportation in logistics by introducing drones in all the three legs of transportation, viz. warehouse-warehouse, warehouse-distribution/collection center, and distribution/collection center-end user.

TSAW Drones’ product portfolio includes a range of drones, such as hexarotor, quadcopter, and VTOL (vertical take-off and landing), that can cater to different distance, payload, and terrain requirements. TSAW Drones also offers drone cloud intelligence system, unpiloted traffic management system, and HyperPilot module, that can enable efficient and safe drone operations in the airspace. TSAW Drones also has its own logistics service division, DRONECO, that can deliver various types of cargo, such as medicines, groceries, e-commerce, and industrial goods, to the end users.

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How does TSAW Drones work?

The key innovation of TSAW Drones is the use of a multi-modal approach of combining drones and electric vehicles for on-demand cargo logistics. TSAW Drones’ drones can carry up to 20 kg of payload and have a range of up to 120 km, depending on the type and model of the drone. TSAW Drones’ drones can also fly autonomously, without any human intervention, using the drone cloud intelligence system, which can plan and execute the flight missions, and the unpiloted traffic management system, which can track and monitor the drones in the airspace. TSAW Drones’ drones can also communicate with the electric vehicles, which can act as the mobile charging and docking stations for the drones, and extend their range and coverage.

TSAW Drones’ drones can also integrate with the HyperPilot module, which is a cutting-edge 4G-enabled device that can enhance the drone communication and fleet management. The HyperPilot module can seamlessly connect the drone with the central software and the hardware layer, and ensure precise control and efficient data transmission. The HyperPilot module can also enable remote consultation and integration with other devices and platforms, such as cameras, sensors, and IoT devices.

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What are the benefits of TSAW Drones?

TSAW Drones offers several benefits for customers, partners, and the society, such as:

  • Faster and cheaper delivery: TSAW Drones can deliver the cargo faster and cheaper than the conventional modes of transportation, by using the drones and electric vehicles, which can reduce the travel time, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions. According to the company, TSAW Drones can deliver the cargo within 30 minutes, and save up to 50% of the delivery cost.
  • Wider and deeper reach: TSAW Drones can reach and serve a large and untapped market of the rural and remote areas, where the road infrastructure and connectivity are poor or absent. TSAW Drones can also deliver the cargo to the inaccessible and hazardous areas, where the human delivery is risky or impossible. According to the company, TSAW Drones can cover over 1378 pin codes across 24 cities in India.
  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction: TSAW Drones can provide a better customer experience and satisfaction, by allowing the customers to track and control their delivery, and by providing them with instant and contactless delivery. TSAW Drones can also provide the customers with various payment options, such as cash on delivery, UPI, and wallets, and offer discounts and cashbacks for referrals and reviews.


What are the achievements and plans of TSAW Drones?

TSAW Drones has achieved several milestones and recognition since its inception, such as:

The company plans to expand its product portfolio and market presence in the coming years, by:

  • Developing new products and features, such as drone rovers, drone swarms, and drone delivery kits
  • Entering new markets and regions, such as North India, East India, and South India
  • Exploring new segments and channels, such as B2B, SaaS, and D2C
  • Building a network of 136 drone hubs across India and beyond
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How to learn more about TSAW Drones?

If you are interested in learning more about TSAW Drones, you can visit their website or follow them on social media such as LinkedIn , and Instagram. You can also contact them at hello@tsaw.tech or 7905461842. If you are a customer, partner, or researcher, and want to experience the benefits of TSAW Drones, you can sign up for a demo or a trial on their website. If you are passionate about building the future of drone logistics, you can also join their team and apply for open positions on their careers page.

I hope this information helps you understand TSAW Drones and its vision of enabling seamless connectivity across India with drones. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know. I’m always happy to help. 😊

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