Tesla cancels $16K pie order, Elon Musk promises to make it up to bakery

Tesla cancels $16K pie order, Elon Musk promises to make it up to bakery

Tesla, the electric car company led by billionaire Elon Musk, canceled a $16,000 pie order from a San Jose bakery at the last minute, leaving the small business in a financial crisis. Musk said he was unaware of the situation and pledged to “make things good” with the bakery.

The Giving Pies, a bakery that specializes in pies made with natural ingredients, received an order from Tesla on Valentine’s Day for 2,000 mini-pies for a Black History Month event. The bakery owner, Voahangy Rasetarinera, sent a quote to Tesla’s vendor, City Flavor, which was approved. She then declined other catering jobs and started working on the pies.

However, the next day, City Flavor asked her to double the order to 4,000 pies, without sending the payment. Rasetarinera agreed, hoping to get paid soon. But on the day of the delivery, she received a text message from City Flavor saying that Tesla had canceled the order, without giving any explanation.

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Rasetarinera said she was shocked and devastated by the cancellation, which left her with a loss of about $16,000. She said she had invested time, resources, and effort based on Tesla’s assurances, only to be left “high and dry.” She posted her story on her bakery’s Facebook page, which went viral and drew sympathy and support from the public.

Musk, who has more than 100 million followers on his platform X, said he only learned about the incident on Friday and vowed to do right by the bakery. He said Tesla always tries its best and people should be able to count on it. He did not specify how he would compensate the bakery.

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Rasetarinera said she has not heard anything from Musk since his post on X. She said she hopes he will keep his word and help her recover from the loss. She also said she appreciates the community’s support and the customers who bought the pies that were meant for Tesla.

The last-minute cancellation left her business at a loss of around $16,000.
Tesla did not respond to requests for comment. The company has been facing criticism for its treatment of workers and suppliers, as well as for its environmental and social impact. Tesla has also been struggling with a global chip shortage that has affected its production and delivery.

When Rasetarinera asked why the order was canceled, she was told the decision came from upper management.

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