Chinese EV Leaders Emerge as Influential Voices at National Congress

Chinese EV Leaders Emerge as Influential Voices at National Congress

BEIJING, March 5, 2024 – The commencement of China’s annual parliamentary meeting saw a notable presence from the electric vehicle (EV) sector, with industry leaders stepping into the political spotlight. The gathering, which serves as a platform for setting the nation’s priorities, highlighted the EV industry’s ascent to a position of global significance.

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Yin Tongyue, the founder of Chery Automobile and a delegate at the National People’s Congress (NPC), reflected on the remarkable journey of China’s auto industry. From its humble beginnings dominated by foreign entities, China has now secured the title of the world’s largest auto exporter. Yin emphasized the need for Chinese automakers to pivot from sheer sales volume to a focus on innovation, quality, and social responsibility to establish globally recognized Chinese brands.

Premier Li Qiang, in his address to the NPC, lauded the EV sector’s contribution to the economy, which has remained a beacon of progress amidst broader economic challenges. The sector’s achievements include over 60% of global EV production and sales, along with a 30% surge in exports of key green technologies.

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As the EV makers’ influence grows, they seek more regulatory support to expand their global footprint and become household names beyond China’s borders. The industry’s trajectory and the government’s supportive stance signal a strategic shift towards sustainable transportation and technological prowess on the world stage.

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Source : AP NEWS

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