Tata Punch EV Introduced in India at ₹10.99 Lakh, Offers a Range of Up to 415 km; Explore the Details

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd (TPEM) has recently unveiled its latest offering, the Tata Punch.ev – a game-changing electric vehicle designed to redefine the EV market in India. Powered by the advanced Pure EV architecture – acti.ev, the Punch.ev seamlessly combines stunning design with cutting-edge technology. With an introductory starting price of just Rs 10.99 lakh, this electric marvel is set to make waves across the nation.

A Striking Design with Unmatched Versatility

Tata Punch EV

The Tata Punch.ev features a captivating design, complemented by a silhouette similar to its conventional counterpart. Its upright stance exudes confidence and presence on the road. This electric vehicle is available in three variants – Smart, Adventure, and Empowered, catering to the diverse preferences of Indian drivers.

Unleashing the Potential: Range and Battery

When it comes to range, the Punch.ev leaves no compromises. Equipped with two battery pack options, drivers can select between a 25 kWh pack offering a remarkable MIDC range of 315 km, or a more extensive 35 kWh option, delivering an impressive MIDC range of 421 km. Choose the option that best suits your lifestyle and enjoy worry-free, long-distance drives like never before.

Uncompromised Performance

Underneath the Punch.ev’s sleek body lies an impressive array of e-Drive options. The first one, a 60kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC Motor, generates a formidable 114Nm of torque. For those seeking even more exhilaration, the Punch.ev offers a 90kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC Motor, delivering an astonishing 190Nm of torque. Get ready to experience the thrill of zipping through city streets with ease and confidence.


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Charging Made Easy

Recharging your Punch.ev is a breeze, thanks to the availability of a 3.3kW and a 7.2 kW AC fast charger. Whether you choose to install them at home or your workplace, these chargers ensure you can conveniently power up your vehicle whenever needed. With DC Fast Charging capability, achieving a charge of 10% to 80% can be achieved in just 56 minutes using any 50 kW DC fast charger. Embrace the future of hassle-free electric mobility.

A Technological Haven

Step inside the Punch.ev and immerse yourself in a world of technology and convenience. The cabin boasts a high-tech, contemporary feel with the integration of two brilliant screens. A 26cm high-definition infotainment display by HARMAN takes center stage, providing entertainment, information, and seamless connectivity. Alongside it, a 26cm digital cockpit provides vital driving information, ensuring you are always in control. With connectivity to multiple voice assistants, including the Native “Hey Tata” assistant, as well as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, the Punch.ev keeps you connected and informed, making every journey a delight.

Elevating the Connected Car Experience

The Punch.ev takes the connected car experience to new heights with its innovative ZConnect Connected Car Technology. Seamlessly connect your smartwatch to the Punch.ev, allowing for easy access and control of various car functions. Enjoy the convenience of a smart charging indicator, bi-functional LEDs for enhanced visibility, and a distinctive welcome and goodbye signature for a truly personalized experience. Experience the future of connected driving firsthand.

With every aspect carefully crafted to perfection, Tata Motors has truly outdone themselves with the Punch.ev. This trailblazing electric vehicle is set to revolutionize the way India embraces sustainable mobility. From its remarkable range and performance to its advanced technological features, the Punch.ev is a testament to Tata Motors’ commitment to excellence and innovation.


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The Tata Punch.ev offers a compelling proposition for those seeking an eco-friendly and technologically advanced driving experience. With its striking design, exceptional range, impressive performance, and advanced connectivity features, this electric vehicle sets a new standard in the Indian market. Embrace the future of mobility with the Tata Punch.ev and witness the transformation of your everyday drives. Book a test drive today and be a part of the electric revolution!




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