Synopsys to buy engineering software firm Ansys in $35-billion deal

In a groundbreaking move, chip design software maker Synopsys has unveiled its plan to acquire Ansys, the leading engineering software firm, in a monumental $35 billion cash-and-stock deal. This acquisition signifies a pivotal moment for both companies and the broader technology sector. Synopsys’ move comes after Co-founder and Executive Chairman Aart de Geus handed over the reins to Chief Operating Officer Sassine Ghazi, reflecting a strategic shift in leadership. This article dives deep into this significant development, providing comprehensive insights into the deal and its potential implications.

An Overview of the Deal


Synopsys’ acquisition of Ansys, known for its software widely used in diverse industries ranging from aerospace to automotive, highlights the growing demand for sophisticated engineering solutions. The $35 billion transaction dwarfs recent notable deals, with the previous largest being Broadcom’s takeover of VMware for $69 billion. Following the announcement, Ansys shares rose by an impressive 3 percent during premarket trading, further cementing the significance of this landmark acquisition. Despite challenges faced by antitrust regulators attempting to halt major deals, recent trends suggest increased confidence among chief executives regarding substantial acquisitions.

Exploring the Deeper Motivations

This groundbreaking deal not only reflects the confidence of Synopsys but also underscores the immense market appeal of Ansys’ software suite. Ansys’ simulation software, embraced by engineers, designers, and researchers across a range of industries including defense, aerospace, and automotive, has established itself as a leading solution for product analysis. Going head-to-head with industry heavyweights such as Autodesk’s Fusion 360, AutoCAD, and Dassault Systemes’ Solidworks, Ansys has consistently delivered high-quality software that empowers users to explore, evaluate, and refine their product designs.


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Synopsys, on the other hand, has built a solid reputation as a provider of cutting-edge software solutions for chip design. Serving major chipmakers like Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, and Nvidia, Synopsys has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to excellence in the field. Over the past year, both Synopsys and Ansys have witnessed a dramatic surge in their respective share prices, spurred by advancements in artificial intelligence and the growing demand for top-notch software solutions.

Unveiling the Synergies

The collaboration between Synopsys and Ansys began in 2017, aiming to provide chip designers with comprehensive solutions for analyzing chips and maintaining stringent quality standards throughout the design process. By combining their prowess in chip design software and engineering simulation, the two companies have fostered synergistic innovation in their respective fields. This acquisition marks the culmination of their joint endeavors and holds the promise of unlocking even greater potential in the future.

The Implications for the Technology Sector

Synopsys’ acquisition of Ansys stands as a testament to the dynamic nature of the technology sector. As the industry experiences a resurgence in economic sentiment, the ambitious move by Synopsys could serve as a catalyst for further large-scale acquisitions in the near future. This landmark deal sends a powerful message to other companies, highlighting the value and potential of strategic acquisitions.

Looking Ahead

The Synopsys-Ansys acquisition represents a monumental moment in the technology sector, solidifying Synopsys’ position as a dominant player in chip design software and expanding its reach into the field of engineering simulation. As the deal progresses, industry observers and stakeholders will be keenly monitoring the synergistic impact the combined expertise and technologies will have on future product offerings. This is an exciting development that showcases the immense capacity for growth and evolution within the technology sector.


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The Synopsys-Ansys acquisition shatters previous records in the technology sector and positions Synopsys as a frontrunner in chip design software. By joining forces, Synopsys and Ansys aim to revolutionize the industry by combining their expertise in chip design and engineering simulation. As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, this landmark deal serves as a testament to the limitless potential for growth and innovation within the sector.


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