SuperZop: Transforming Grocery Procurement for Kirana Stores in India

SuperZop: How a Dorm Room Idea Became India’s Leading Agri-Commerce Platform – SuperZop is a B2B agri-tech start-up that connects farms to shops through innovative technology. The founding team of SuperZop comprises of alumni from IIMA/XLRI having a combined experience of over 25 years in the retail industry with a passion to change the unorganized retail sector in India. The company is backed by well-known investors and has raised $4 million Series A funding from Incofin’s India Progress Fund.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Mumbai
  • STATE : Maharashtra
  • STARTED IN : 2015
  • FOUNDERS : Darshan, Prithwi Singh and Raghuveer Allada

You can find their website here.

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What is SuperZop and How Does it Work?

SuperZop is a mobile app that enables small kirana stores and restaurants to procure good quality staples such as rice, pulses, grains, spices, dry fruits, flours, etc. directly from farmers, mills, and farmer producer organizations. SuperZop eliminates the middlemen and reduces the supply chain inefficiencies, thereby offering lower prices, assured quality, and faster delivery to the retailers.

SuperZop’s model is simple and convenient:

  • Retailers place orders for the required commodities using SuperZop mobile app
  • SuperZop manages the demand and supply through its state-of-the-art warehouse and delivers the goods to the retailer within 48 hours
  • Commodities are procured directly from the source and the quality is assessed using artificial intelligence
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What are the Benefits of SuperZop for the Retailers and the Farmers?

SuperZop offers multiple benefits for both the retailers and the farmers, such as:

  • Higher profitability: Retailers can save up to 15% on their procurement costs by buying from SuperZop. They can also access cheaper credit through SuperZop’s financing options and reduce their working capital needs by ordering less and frequent.
  • Superior experience: Retailers can enjoy a seamless and easy ordering process through SuperZop’s app, which is available in local languages and has a simple user interface. They can also get 24/7 AI-enabled customer support, digital and cashless payments, personalized product recommendations, and no-questions-asked return policy.
  • Assured quality: Retailers can trust SuperZop’s quality standards, which are based on in-house AI and ML based product grading system. They can also see the real-time product analysis and quality visualization on the app.
  • Better price: Farmers can get a fair and transparent price for their produce by selling to SuperZop. They can also avoid the exploitation and manipulation of the middlemen and the mandis.
  • Market linkage: Farmers can access a large and diverse market of retailers through SuperZop. They can also get support from SuperZop’s team for quality improvement, crop planning, and logistics.
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What is SuperZop’s Vision and Future Plans?

SuperZop’s vision is to build India’s largest supply chain for staples using innovation and technology. The company aims to empower the small retailers and the farmers by providing them with a platform that can improve their livelihoods and efficiency.

SuperZop is currently operating in four cities and two states, serving over 40,000 retailers and sourcing from over 5,000 farmers across 20 states. The company has also launched its own staples brand, Khetika, to cater to the emerging need for good quality packed products.

SuperZop plans to expand its presence to more cities and states, increase its product portfolio, and enhance its technology capabilities. The company also wants to create a community of retailers and farmers who can share their feedback, insights, and best practices with each other.

SuperZop is a story of how a dorm room idea became a successful agri-tech start-up that is transforming the staples supply chain and helping the unorganized retail sector in India. SuperZop is not just a business, but a mission to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of retailers and farmers. 🙌


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As SuperZop continues to grow, its influence extends beyond groceries. The platform offers a blueprint for empowering small businesses, bridging the urban-rural divide, and building a more equitable and sustainable food system in India.

So, the next time you step into a Kirana store, remember – behind those shelves and friendly smiles may lie the invisible hand of SuperZop, quietly weaving a revolution in the heart of Indian retail.

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