SETTLIN: The Online Platform That Simplifies Property Resale in Bengaluru

SETTLIN is a Bengaluru-based startup that is on a mission to make property resale easy, transparent, and hassle-free. SETTLIN provides end-to-end services for any real estate dealings, including marketing, inspection, feedback, analysis, legal and financial consultation, and documentation. SETTLIN works with both buyers and sellers, and helps them get the best value for their properties.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Bengaluru
  • STATE : Karnataka
  • STARTED IN : 2016
  • FOUNDERS : Ashish Kumar Srivastava and Sudhanshu

You can find their website here.

What is SETTLIN?

SETTLIN is an online platform that offers brokerage services for residential properties in Bengaluru. SETTLIN was founded in 2016 by Ashish Kumar Srivastava and Sudhanshu. The startup is backed by investors such as IAN Fund and Bharat Innovation Fund. SETTLIN aims to provide a one-stop solution for any real estate transactions, particularly in resale. SETTLIN claims to maintain in-depth and accurate property profiles, physically inspect properties, and manage the entire transaction, including legal verification, home loan, and sale deed.

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How does SETTLIN work?

SETTLIN works by following a simple and user-friendly process:

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Who uses SETTLIN?

SETTLIN is used by various stakeholders in the real estate industry, such as:

  • Buyers: SETTLIN helps buyers to find and buy their dream homes in Bengaluru. SETTLIN helps them to search, verify, and contact properties, and get assistance from the SETTLIN team for transactions and documentation. SETTLIN also helps them to get home loans, legal verification, and sale deed done.
  • Sellers: SETTLIN helps sellers to sell their properties in Bengaluru at the best possible price. SETTLIN helps them to list, market, and showcase their properties, and get feedback and leads from the SETTLIN team. SETTLIN also helps them to negotiate, finalize, and close the deal with the buyers.
  • Partners: SETTLIN helps partners such as banks, NBFCs, lawyers, and valuers to offer their services to the buyers and sellers on the SETTLIN platform. SETTLIN helps them to reach out to potential customers, provide value-added services, and generate revenue.
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Why choose SETTLIN?

SETTLIN is the online platform that simplifies property resale in Bengaluru, impacting 1 billion+ lives. SETTLIN offers various advantages and benefits, such as:

  • Saving time, money, and effort for both buyers and sellers, by providing end-to-end services for any real estate dealings.
  • Providing accurate and reliable information, feedback, and analysis for both buyers and sellers, by maintaining in-depth and verified property profiles.
  • Ensuring transparency, security, and convenience for both buyers and sellers, by facilitating communication, negotiation, and documentation through the SETTLIN platform.
  • Leveraging the latest and most innovative technologies and solutions in the field of AI, ML, NLP, AR, and VR for providing seamless and interactive user experience.
  • Providing a scalable, customizable, and flexible solution that caters to the diverse and dynamic needs and preferences of the users.
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SETTLIN is a revolutionary and visionary platform that is transforming the way property resale is done in Bengaluru. SETTLIN is empowering buyers and sellers to create and manage smart and hassle-free real estate transactions that are secure, scalable, and reliable. SETTLIN is elevating the real estate industry to the next level of digital transformation and customer satisfaction. To know more about SETTLIN and its offerings, visit their website.

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