Robo Bionics: How They Are Empowering Amputees with Prosthetic Hands that Can Touch and Feel

Robo Bionics is a company that develops and delivers prosthetic hands that can touch and feel like a real hand. It offers a line of artificial robotic hands called Grippy that are designed, engineered, and made in India by IITians. It serves people with below elbow amputation age 15 years and above with solutions that are affordable, lightweight, and easy to use. In this article, we will explore how Robo Bionics is improving human lives with technology.

Robo Bionics

Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Palghar
  • STATE : Maharastra
  • STARTED IN : 2016
  • FOUNDERS : Anil Sankaranarayanan Nair, Llewellyn Grenold Loy Dsa and Priyanka Llewellyn Dsa

You can find their website here.

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About Robo Bionics

Robo Bionics was founded in 2016 by Llewellyn Grenold Loy Dsa with a motto to change how work is seen. He was inspired by his father, who lost his hand in an accident and faced many challenges in his daily life. He decided to use his engineering skills and passion for robotics to create a prosthetic hand that would not only restore the functionality but also the sense of touch of the missing hand.

Robo Bionics has created Grippy, India’s first patented and tested bionic hand with the sense of touch. Grippy is a 3D-printed, battery-powered prosthetic hand that can mimic the movements and sensations of a real hand. It can perform various tasks such as holding, gripping, typing, writing, and more. It works according to the sensors on the veins and contains a multi-grip control system.

Robo Bionics is a recognized startup by the Startup India Initiative by the DPIIT, Govt of India. It has a network of over 50 partner clinics across India where Grippy can be fitted and trained. It has also received support from various organizations such as NASSCOM, CoE IoT, IIT Bombay, and more13It has served over 100 customers, including veterans, farmers, students, and professionals.

Robo Bionics aims to provide a hassle-free and empowering prosthetic experience to its customers. It allows them to choose from various options such as size, color, and accessories. It also offers a warranty, maintenance, and customer support service.

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Their Benefits

Robo Bionics provides many benefits to its customers, such as:

  • Independence: Customers can experience the freedom of performing a number of two-handed tasks like never before. They can also improve their self-confidence and social acceptance.
  • Comfort: Customers can enjoy the comfort of using Grippy all day long without feeling stressed or fatigued. Grippy is lightweight, ergonomic, and breathable.
  • Sensation: Customers can experience touching and gripping objects similar to a real hand. Grippy has a patent-pending technology that provides feedback to the user through vibrations and sounds.
  • Affordability: Customers can access Grippy at a fraction of the cost of other prosthetic hands available in the market. Grippy is also eligible for government subsidies and insurance schemes.
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Robo Bionics is a company that is transforming the prosthetic industry with its innovative and intelligent prosthetic hands. It is helping its customers to achieve their personal and professional goals, enhance their quality of life, and regain their sense of touch. It is also creating a future where technology is not a barrier but a bridge to human potential. Robo Bionics is truly a leader in the field of prosthetic bionics.

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