Reddit Plans IPO in March, Following Pinterest’s Lead

In a move that has been in the works for over three years, Reddit, the popular social media platform, is gearing up to launch its initial public offering (IPO) in March. The company, which filed confidentially for its IPO in December 2021, has been steadily navigating the process and preparing for this significant event in its history. With Pinterest’s successful IPO in 2019 setting the stage, Reddit aims to follow suit and open up to public investors, amid intense competition for advertising dollars from rivals such as TikTok and Facebook.

A Test of User Loyalty in the Stock Market


As Reddit charts its path towards becoming a publicly traded company, it will interestingly find itself relying on some of its own dedicated users to back its stock market debut. Over the past few years, Reddit’s user base has seen multiple “meme” stock rallies, where individuals on the platform have joined forces to drive up the prices of certain stocks, notably including GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings. These events have piqued the interest of both retail and institutional investors, and now Reddit will have the opportunity to gauge the commitment of its own user community to support its IPO.

Clear Timeline for the IPO Process

According to reliable sources familiar with the matter, Reddit has meticulously laid out its IPO plans, aiming to make its public filing in late February. This will be followed by a roadshow in early March, culminating in the completion of the IPO by the end of the same month. However, it is important to note that unforeseen circumstances can cause delays, as has occurred in the past. The sources, preferring to remain anonymous due to the confidential nature of these deliberations, emphasized the usual caution associated with such significant financial undertakings.

Valuation and Offerings

Reddit, which achieved a valuation of approximately $10 billion during a funding round in 2021, is reportedly planning to sell around 10% of its shares during the IPO. The decision on the specific IPO valuation will be made closer to the listing date, as is common in such processes. While Reddit continues to evolve and adapt, it aims to strike a balance between realizing the potential of its valuation and ensuring that the offering meets the expectations of investors.


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The Journey Toward Profitability

Founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, Reddit has gained recognition for its diverse range of discussion groups, where users can upvote or downvote content shared by fellow members. While Reddit has generated revenue primarily through advertising, it has not yet turned a profit. In a Reddit post last June, Steve Huffman acknowledged this fact, attributing the losses to investments in the platform and users’ reduced engagement with advertising compared to other social media platforms.

However, the company has remained determined on its path to profitability, deferring its IPO until it draws closer to this important milestone. Additionally, the recent surge in market volatility, which affected IPOs for the past couple of years, also contributed to Reddit’s decision to postpone its plans. Despite these challenges, Reddit’s focus on growth and innovation has continued to bring positive results. According to a report from The Information, the company is projected to generate advertising revenue of slightly over $800 million in 2023, representing an increase of more than 20% from the previous year.

Monetizing Through API Access

Reddit’s commitment to continually diversify its revenue streams led to a decision last year to charge companies for access to its application programming interface (API), a vital tool used by technology companies to train large-scale language models central to artificial intelligence. While this decision sparked some controversy among users who rely on third-party apps to access Reddit, it highlights the platform’s commitment to explore new avenues for monetization and strengthen its financial standing.

A Look at the Market

As we consider the financial landscape of social media giants, it is worth noting that large social media stocks have witnessed a resurgence over the past year, largely driven by a rally in the technology sector, influenced by changes in interest rates. Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, has experienced a staggering increase of over 300% in its stock price during the past 12 months. Similarly, Snap’s shares have risen by 60% over the same period, reflecting the overall positive sentiment within the industry.


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The impending IPO of Reddit marks a significant turning point in the company’s journey. With a clear timeline set for the filing, roadshow, and completion of the IPO in March, Reddit is inching closer to becoming a publicly traded company. The offering will not only test the loyalty of its passionate user base but will also determine the market’s confidence in Reddit’s ability to successfully monetize its platform. As the IPO date approaches, it will be fascinating to witness the market’s response and assess the impact of Reddit’s IPO on the broader social media landscape.

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