Prantae: A Biotech Startup That Aims to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes

Prantae: A Biotech Startup That Aims to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes – Pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous journey, but it can also be fraught with complications and risks. One of the most common and dangerous pregnancy disorders is preeclampsia, a condition that affects more than 10 million pregnant women worldwide every year. Preeclampsia is characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, such as the kidneys or liver. It can only be diagnosed by clinical symptoms in the last trimester of the pregnancy, making it difficult to prevent or treat. If left untreated, preeclampsia can lead to serious consequences for both the mother and the baby, such as seizures, stroke, organ failure, premature birth, low birth weight, and even death.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Bhubaneswar
  • STATE : Odisha
  • STARTED IN : 2015
  • FOUNDERS : Dr. Aseem Mishra and Dr. Sumona Karjee Mishra

You can find their website here.

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How Prantae Solutions is Tackling Preeclampsia

Prantae Solutions, a Bhubaneswar-based biotech startup, is on a mission to provide affordable and accessible diagnosis and management of preeclampsia. Founded by Sumona Karjee Mishra, a PhD holder in biotechnology and a preeclampsia survivor herself, Prantae Solutions is developing a range of diagnostic devices and solutions that can detect preeclampsia at an early stage and monitor its progression.

One of their flagship products is EyeRa, an early detection platform for preeclampsia that uses a combination of urine analysis and molecular biomarkers. EyeRa consists of two devices: one for urine analysis, which is a smartphone-based self-monitoring device that can detect the presence of protein microalbumin in urine, a marker of kidney damage; and another for molecular analysis, which is a more precise detection device that uses microRNA and protein-based biomarkers to measure the severity of preeclampsia.

EyeRa is designed to be simple, affordable, and user-friendly. The urine analysis device costs less than Rs 3,500 and the cartridge costs Rs 150, while the molecular analysis device costs around Rs 10,000 and the cartridge costs Rs 500. The devices can be used by pregnant women at home or by healthcare professionals at clinics or hospitals. The results are displayed on a smartphone app or a web portal, and can be shared with the doctor for further consultation and treatment.

By using EyeRa, pregnant women can monitor their kidney health and preeclampsia risk from the first or second trimester of the pregnancy, and take preventive measures to avoid complications. EyeRa can also help doctors to tailor the treatment and management of preeclampsia according to the individual needs and conditions of the patients.

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Other Products and Services by Prantae Solutions

Besides EyeRa, Prantae Solutions also offers other products and services that cater to various aspects of pregnancy healthcare and related disorders. Some of them are:

  • ProFolU: A smartphone-based self-health monitoring device for kidney health that can measure the levels of creatinine, urea, and uric acid in urine, and provide feedback and recommendations on diet, hydration, and lifestyle.
  • Salubrious: A solution for hidden hunger, or micronutrient deficiency, that can detect the levels of iron, zinc, and vitamin A in blood, and provide personalized nutrition and supplementation advice.
  • Embargo: A detection platform for antibiotics in food products that can identify the presence and concentration of antibiotics in milk, meat, and eggs, and alert the consumers about the potential health risks.
  • Covid Testing Kit: A rapid and accurate testing kit for Covid-19 that can detect the presence of the virus in saliva samples within 15 minutes, and provide the results on a smartphone app or a web portal.
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The Vision and Impact of Prantae Solutions

Prantae Solutions is driven by a vision to provide innovative and affordable solutions to medical problems and to enhance the quality of life for individuals around the world. The startup is backed by various grants and awards from the government of India, such as the Biotechnology Ignition Grant, the Women Entrepreneurship Quest, and the National Entrepreneurship Award3The startup has also filed 11 trademarks and nine patents for its products and technologies.

Prantae Solutions has the potential to create a positive impact on the lives of millions of pregnant women and their families, especially in low-resource settings where access to quality healthcare is limited. By enabling early diagnosis and management of preeclampsia and other pregnancy-related disorders, Prantae Solutions can help reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity, improve pregnancy outcomes, and empower women to take charge of their health and well-being. Prantae Solutions is an example of how the best of science and the best of creators can come together to create magic and make a difference in the world.

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