Plugzmart: The Future of EV Charging in India

Plugzmart: The Future of EV Charging in India – Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity in India as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional vehicles. However, one of the major challenges faced by EV owners and drivers is the lack of adequate and reliable charging infrastructure. This is where Plugzmart comes in. Plugzmart is the best EV charger manufacturer in India that offers business opportunities to business owners to set up their very own Super Fast EV Charging stations making them become a futuristic profitable Charge Point Operator.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Chennai
  • STATE : Tamil Nadu
  • STARTED IN : 2018
  • FOUNDERS : Ragavendra and Rajamanickam Viveksamynathan

You can find their website here

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What is Plugzmart?

Plugzmart is a company incubated in IIT Madras Research Park in 2018, with a mission to create a sustainable ecosystem and transform the way of commuting via a more efficient and durable resource. Plugzmart has emerged as the best EV charging station manufacturer in India, with a vision to develop a reliable Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure to encourage more people to shift to green energy. Plugzmart has a goal to deliver one million charging ports by 2025, to make commuting cleaner and more accessible.

Plugzmart not only introduces the Super Fast EV Chargers, but also builds a Linkable Charging Network, which offers updates to both partners and end-users. The Linkable Charging Network is a next-gen technology that collects the charger’s performance data and links it with the online world, making it easily accessible to customers and partners. Plugzmart calls this technology The Brain.

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What are the benefits of Plugzmart?

Plugzmart offers a range of benefits to its customers, partners, and the environment. Some of the benefits are:

  • Plugzmart provides a variety of EV chargers, such as AC chargers, DC chargers, and portable chargers, that are compatible with all electric vehicles. The chargers have different power ratings, ranging from 3.3kW to 60kW, to suit different needs and preferences.
  • Plugzmart offers an integrated solution with hardware, software, and mobile app. The mobile app allows users to locate and reserve a charger on the go, view their charging history, invoices, and payment status, and access real-time information about the chargers. The app also supports multiple payment options, such as UPI, credit card, and debit card.
  • Plugzmart provides 24/7 support and monitoring, expert assistance anytime, anywhere, and 100% data security with its future-proof app/web solution. Plugzmart also ensures easy plug and play integration, smart charger with dynamic load management, and OCPP compliant chargers.
  • Plugzmart enables business owners to become Charge Point Operators, by providing them with the opportunity to set up their own Super Fast EV Charging stations. Plugzmart also helps them with the delivery, installation, and configuration of the chargers, and provides them with a dashboard to monitor the chargers, view analytics, and manage their revenue.
  • Plugzmart contributes to the green energy revolution, by reducing the carbon footprint, air pollution, and noise pollution caused by conventional vehicles. Plugzmart also fosters green mobility, by making EV charging more convenient, affordable, and accessible.
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How to Contact  Plugzmart ?

If you have any queries, feedback, or complaints regarding Plugzmart , you can contact them through the following ways:

  • Call them on their toll-free number: +91 72000 98737
  • Email them at:
  •  Follow them on their : LinkedInInstagram
  • Visit their office at: RTBI, E Block, First Floor, IIT Madras Research Park, Kanagam Rd, Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600113.

Plugzmart is the best EV charger manufacturer in India that is revolutionizing the EV charging industry with its innovative and reliable solutions. Plugzmart is the future of EV charging in India, and you can be a part of it. Contact them today and join the green energy movement.

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