PickMyAd: Demystifying the Buzz in Influencer Marketing

PickMyAd: The World’s First Booking Platform for Influencer Marketing – Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing that involves collaborating with influential people who have a large and engaged following on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Influencer marketing can help brands to increase their awareness, reach, and conversions by leveraging the trust and credibility of the influencers. However, finding and booking the right influencers for a campaign can be a tedious and time-consuming process, involving multiple steps, such as research, negotiation, contract, payment, and reporting. This is where PickMyAd, a booking platform for influencer marketing, comes in.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Chennai
  • STATE: Tamil Nadu
  • STARTED IN: 2021
  • FOUNDERS: Arunpious Williams, Kuppusamy Aruljothi, Rajendran Prabudass and Selvaraj Sivakumar

You can find their website here.

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What is PickMyAd?

PickMyAd is a startup that was founded in 2021 by Arunpious Williams, Kuppusamy Aruljothi, Rajendran Prabudass and Selvaraj Sivakumar, who are alumni of IIT Madras and former Flipkart executives. The startup is building the world’s first booking platform for influencer marketing, where brands can discover, connect, and collaborate with influencers across YouTube and Instagram in a few clicks. The startup aims to simplify and streamline the influencer marketing process, by providing a secure, transparent, and hassle-free platform for both brands and influencers.

How does PickMyAd work?

PickMyAd works in three simple steps:

  • Discover: Brands can register on the platform and browse through thousands of verified influencers across various categories, such as entertainment, food, fashion, beauty, travel, etc. Brands can also filter and sort the influencers based on their location, language, niche, audience, engagement, and pricing.
  • Connect: Brands can request the pricing and availability of the influencers they like, and compare them on the platform. Brands can also chat with the influencers and share their campaign briefs and expectations.
  • Collaborate: Brands can book the influencers they want by making a secure payment through various methods, such as credit cards, UPI, NEFT, etc. The payment is held in escrow by PickMyAd until the influencers deliver the content and the brands approve it. Brands can also track and measure the performance of the campaign on the platform.
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What are the benefits of PickMyAd?

PickMyAd offers several benefits for both brands and influencers, such as:

  • For brands:
    • Access: Brands can access a large and diverse pool of influencers across YouTube and Instagram, and find the ones that match their target audience, budget, and goals.
    • Affordability: Brands can get the best value for their money, as they can compare and negotiate the pricing and terms with the influencers on the platform. PickMyAd also offers flexible payment options and no hidden fees.
    • Simplicity: Brands can save time and effort, as they can manage the entire influencer marketing process on a single platform, from discovery to delivery. PickMyAd also provides support and guidance throughout the process.
    • Security: Brands can collaborate with confidence, as PickMyAd ensures the quality and authenticity of the influencers and the content. PickMyAd also provides a secure payment system and a refund policy in case of any issues.
    • Impact: Brands can achieve their marketing objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, reach, engagement, and conversions, by leveraging the power and influence of the influencers. PickMyAd also provides analytics and reports to measure the ROI of the campaign.
  • For influencers:
    • Opportunity: Influencers can showcase their talent and creativity, and get more exposure and opportunities to work with various brands across different industries and niches.
    • Flexibility: Influencers can choose the brands and campaigns they want to work with, and set their own pricing and terms on the platform. PickMyAd also allows influencers to work on multiple campaigns simultaneously.
    • Ease: Influencers can focus on creating quality and engaging content, and leave the rest to PickMyAd. PickMyAd handles the communication, contract, payment, and reporting with the brands.
    • Reliability: Influencers can get paid on time and securely, as PickMyAd holds the payment in escrow until the content is approved by the brands. PickMyAd also provides a cancellation policy and a dispute resolution mechanism in case of any issues.
    • Growth: Influencers can grow their personal brand and audience, and earn more income and recognition, by collaborating with reputable and relevant brands on the platform.
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What are the achievements and future plans of PickMyAd?

PickMyAd has achieved several milestones and accolades since its inception. Some of the achievements are:

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PickMyAd plans to expand its product portfolio and launch new features and services for influencer marketing, such as threads, stories, reels, and live streams. The startup also plans to scale up its operations and reach out to more customers and partners across India and abroad.

PickMyAd is a booking platform for influencer marketing that is transforming the way brands and influencers collaborate and create value. The startup is providing a fast, easy, and secure solution for influencer marketing, by connecting brands and influencers across YouTube and Instagram in a few clicks. PickMyAd is a shining example of how deep tech can solve real-world problems and create social good.

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