Peppermint Robotics: The Future of Industrial Cleaning and Logistics

Peppermint Robotics is a full-stack robotics company that manufactures and provides autonomous solutions for industrial and commercial use cases. Whether you need to clean your floors, move your materials, or both, Peppermint Robotics has a robot for you. In this article, we will explore what Peppermint Robotics does, why you should use their products, and how to get started with them.

Peppermint Robotics

Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Pune
  • STATE: Maharashtra
  • STARTED IN: 2019
  • FOUNDERS: Miraj Vora, Nityananda Prabhutendolkar and Runal Dahiwade

You can find their website here.

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What is Peppermint Robotics?

Peppermint Robotics was founded in 2019 by four IIT Bombay alumni who wanted to create a platform for service robotics in India. They started with a vision to make cleaning faster, cleaner, and safer for working and public spaces. They developed their first product, the Peppermint Scrubber Dryer, an autonomous floor cleaning robot that can scrub, dry, and sanitize any type of floor with minimal human intervention.

Since then, Peppermint Robotics has expanded its product portfolio to include the Peppermint TUG, an autonomous mobile robot that can transport materials and goods within warehouses and factories, and the Peppermint Combo Mop, a hybrid robot that can perform both floor cleaning and material handling tasks.

Peppermint Robotics is supported by SINE IIT-Bombay and Qualcomm, and has won several awards and recognitions for its innovation and impact. It has also raised funding from Venture Catalysts and other investors to scale up its operations and reach more customers.

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Why use Peppermint Robotics?

Peppermint Robotics offers many benefits for its customers, such as:

  • Better and safer cleaning: The robots use dynamic pressure and advanced sensors to adapt to different types of floors and remove 99.99% of harmful bacteria. They also neutralize oil and grease on the floor and dispose of the water safely and efficiently.
  • Efficient and economical: The robots save up to 66% of manpower and consume 50% less electricity and water compared to traditional machines. They also reduce the operational costs and increase the productivity of the workforce.
  • Accountable and sustainable: The robots provide real-time reports and analytics on the cleaning and material handling performance, enabling the customers to monitor and optimize their operations. They also reduce the environmental impact by using less water and electricity and avoiding chemical wastage.
  • Upgrade and customer support: The robots are constantly upgraded with new features and functionalities to ensure peak performance and customer satisfaction. They also come with 24/7 support and preventive maintenance from the Peppermint Robotics team.
  • Bespoke solutions: The robots can be customized and integrated with the specific industry needs and requirements of the customers. They can cater to various sectors such as logistics and warehousing, facility management, commercial real estate and hospitality, manufacturing, transport hubs, and corporate facilities.

Peppermint Robotics

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How to get started with Peppermint Robotics?

Getting started with Peppermint Robotics is easy and convenient. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Visit the Peppermint Robotics website and explore their products and solutions.
  • Contact them via email –, phone – +91 89567 10044, or social media and request a demo or a quote for your desired robot.
  • Receive the robot at your site and get it installed and configured by the Peppermint Robotics engineers.
  • Enjoy the benefits of autonomous cleaning and material handling with Peppermint Robotics.
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Peppermint Robotics is a leading robotics company that provides autonomous solutions for industrial and commercial use cases. Their robots can clean floors, transport materials, or do both, depending on the customer’s needs. They offer better and safer cleaning, efficient and economical operations, accountable and sustainable results, upgrade and customer support, and bespoke solutions. If you are looking for a smart and reliable partner for your cleaning and logistics needs, Peppermint Robotics is the one for you. Contact them today and join the future of service robotics.

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