Pegasus Management: A Cloud-Based Workforce Management Solution

Pegasus Management is a company that specializes in providing cloud-based workforce management solutions for various industries, such as mining, construction, and manufacturing. Pegasus Management aims to help its clients manage risk, increase productivity, and ensure workforce compliance.

Pegasus Management

Details of the startup:

  • State: New South Wales
  • City: Newcastle-AUS
  • Started in: 1987
  • Industries: Public Safety, SaaS, Software, Virtual Workforce
  • Number of employees: 101-250
  • Funding: $28,000,000
  • Funding rounds: 1
  • Number of investors: 1 (Accel-KKR)

You can find their website here.

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What is Pegasus Management?

Pegasus Management is an Australian-based company that was founded in 1987. It offers a cloud platform that connects workers, contractors, and site managers in real-time. Pegasus Management’s platform enables its clients to:

  • Verify the qualifications, skills, and competencies of their workers and contractors
  • Track the attendance, location, and performance of their workers and contractors
  • Manage the health, safety, and environmental risks of their projects
  • Comply with the relevant industry standards, regulations, and legislation
  • Access data and insights to improve decision-making and efficiency

Pegasus Management claims to have over 3.5 million workers and 70,000 companies on its platform, across 35 countries.

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What are the benefits of Pegasus Management?

Pegasus Management offers several benefits for its clients, such as:

  • Reducing the administrative burden and cost of managing a large and diverse workforce
  • Improving the quality and consistency of the workforce by ensuring they have the right skills and qualifications
  • Enhancing the safety and security of the workers and contractors by monitoring their health and well-being
  • Increasing the productivity and profitability of the projects by optimizing the allocation and utilization of the workforce
  • Demonstrating the social and environmental responsibility of the clients by adhering to the best practices and standards
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How does Pegasus Management work?

Pegasus Management works by creating a digital profile for each worker and contractor on its platform. The profile contains information such as:

  • Personal details, such as name, contact, and emergency details
  • Professional details, such as qualifications, skills, competencies, and licenses
  • Medical details, such as health status, allergies, and medications
  • Compliance details, such as inductions, training, and assessments

The profile is verified and updated by Pegasus Management using various sources, such as:

  • Online databases, such as the National Police Check and the Australian Skills Quality Authority
  • Third-party providers, such as training organizations and medical practitioners
  • On-site devices, such as biometric scanners and wearable sensors

The profile is then used to match the worker or contractor with the suitable project, site, and role. The profile is also used to monitor the worker or contractor’s attendance, location, and performance on the site. The profile is accessible by the worker or contractor, the site manager, and the client at any time, via the web or mobile app.

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How to get started with Pegasus Management?

To get started with Pegasus Management, the clients need to:

  • Contact Pegasus Management to discuss their workforce management needs and goals
  • Choose the appropriate solution from Pegasus Management’s range of products and services
  • Register their workers and contractors on Pegasus Management’s platform and upload their relevant information
  • Assign their workers and contractors to their projects and sites
  • Access and manage their workers and contractors’ profiles and data via the web or mobile app

Pegasus Management also provides support and guidance to its clients throughout the process, such as:

  • Helping them set up and configure their solution
  • Training them on how to use and maintain their solution
  • Assisting them with any issues or queries they may have
  • Updating and improving their solution based on their feedback and needs
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Pegasus Management is a cloud-based workforce management solution that helps its clients manage risk, increase productivity, and ensure workforce compliance. Pegasus Management offers a variety of benefits, such as reducing the administrative burden and cost, improving the quality and consistency, enhancing the safety and security, increasing the productivity and profitability, and demonstrating the social and environmental responsibility of its clients. Pegasus Management works by creating a digital profile for each worker and contractor, verifying and updating their information, matching them with the suitable project, site, and role, and monitoring their attendance, location, and performance. Pegasus Management also provides support and guidance to its clients throughout the process.

If you are interested in learning more about Pegasus Management, you can visit their website or contact them.

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