Pandorum Technologies: Building Blocks of Life

Pandorum Technologies is a Bangalore-based biotechnology company that aims to manufacture personalized homo-chippiens and human organs on demand. The company was founded by academic entrepreneurs in 2011 and has since developed proprietary science and technology platforms to create bio-engineered cornea, liver, and lung tissues for medical research and therapeutic applications. Pandorum Technologies is also expanding its portfolio to include cell-free therapies for tissue repair and regeneration.

Pandorum Technologies

Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Bengaluru
  • STATE: Karnataka
  • STARTED IN: 2011
  • FOUNDERS: Arun Chandru Raja and Tuhin Bhowmick

You can find their website here.

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Bio-Engineered Cornea

One of the products that Pandorum Technologies has developed is a bio-engineered cornea, which is a hydrogel formulation that can treat different corneal disorders. Corneal blindness is a major cause of vision loss worldwide, affecting more than 10 million people. Current treatments include corneal transplantation, which is limited by donor availability, rejection, and infection. Pandorum Technologies has created a synthetic cornea that mimics the natural structure and function of the human cornea, and can be implanted in a minimally invasive procedure. The bio-engineered cornea has been tested in animal models and has shown promising results in restoring vision and healing wounds. Pandorum Technologies is planning to conduct clinical trials in humans soon.

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Bio-Engineered Liver

Another product that Pandorum Technologies has developed is a bio-engineered liver, which is a 3D tissue that can be used for drug discovery and liver therapies. Liver diseases are a major global health burden, affecting more than 844 million people. Current treatments include liver transplantation, which is also limited by donor availability, rejection, and infection. Pandorum Technologies has created a 3D liver tissue that recapitulates the in vivo microenvironment and functionality of the human liver, and can be used for testing the efficacy and toxicity of new drugs. The bio-engineered liver can also be used for cell-based therapies for liver failure and cirrhosis. Pandorum Technologies is collaborating with various pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to validate its liver platform.

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Cell-Free Therapy for Lung Regeneration

The latest product that Pandorum Technologies is developing is a cell-free therapy for lung regeneration, which is a novel treatment for lung damage caused by inflammation and fibrosis. Lung diseases are a leading cause of death worldwide, affecting more than 600 million people. Current treatments include steroids, antibiotics, and oxygen therapy, which are only palliative and do not address the underlying tissue damage. Pandorum Technologies is developing a cell-free therapy that uses exosomes, which are nanosized vesicles secreted by mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), to deliver regenerative signals to the damaged lung tissue. The exosomes can modulate the immune response, reduce inflammation, and promote tissue repair and regeneration. Pandorum Technologies is testing its exosome therapy in animal models and aims to enter clinical trials in the near future.

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Pandorum Technologies is a biotechnology company that is at the forefront of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The company has developed innovative products that can potentially transform the treatment of corneal, liver, and lung diseases. Pandorum Technologies is also committed to excellence in translational science and clinical development, and has partnered with various stakeholders to bring its products to the market. Pandorum Technologies is a company that is building blocks of life for a better and healthier future.

This is just a brief overview of the exciting work being done at Pandorum Technologies. To learn more about their specific projects and the science behind them, I encourage you to visit their website.

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