Nayam Innovations: The Visionary Startup That is Eliminating Needless Blindness

Nayam Innovations is a Pune-based startup that is on a mission to eliminate needless blindness from the world. Nayam Innovations is developing a novel intraocular lens (IOL) that can be customized to correct any combination of lower and higher order aberrations, and provide LASIK-quality vision to cataract patients. Nayam Innovations is also aiming to make its IOL affordable and accessible to every needy patient across the globe.

nayam innovations

Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Pune
  • STATE : Maharashtra
  • STARTED IN : 2012
  • FOUNDERS : Surendra Ponrathnam and Tanuj Gigras

You can find their website here.

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What is Nayam Innovations?

Nayam Innovations is an IP-driven, medical device startup that was founded in 2012 by Tanuj Gigras, Dr. Surendra Ponrathnam, and Prof. Julia. The startup is backed by investors such as IAN Fund and Bharat Innovation Fund. Nayam Innovations is developing a novel customization technology platform that allows patients and surgeons to personalize IOLs to suit their specific needs and preferences. Nayam Innovations is also developing a novel methodology of cast-molding IOLs using biocompatible materials that can reduce the manufacturing cost of hydrophobic foldable IOLs at par with their hard PMMA counterparts.

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How does Nayam Innovations work?

Nayam Innovations works by following a simple and user-friendly process:

  • Design: Nayam Innovations designs its IOLs using advanced algorithms that calculate the precise customization required, needed, or requested by the surgeon and the patient based on ocular data. Nayam Innovations can design IOLs to correct any combination of lower and higher order aberrations, including for post-LASIK cataract patients and bottom of the pyramid MSICS surgery patients. Nayam Innovations can also design IOLs with multimodality, HoA correction, extended depth of focus, near vision correction, or a combination of the above.
  • Manufacture: Nayam Innovations manufactures its IOLs using a novel methodology of cast-molding that uses a novel biocompatible refraction-changing formulation of FDA-approved materials. Nayam Innovations can manufacture IOLs with high precision, quality, and reliability, and at a low cost. Nayam Innovations can also manufacture IOLs with different shapes, sizes, and optical properties to suit different surgical techniques and patient requirements.
  • Deliver: Nayam Innovations delivers its IOLs to the surgeons and patients using its precision metrology and optical instrumentation for IOL customization. Nayam Innovations can deliver IOLs that can provide spectacle-free LASIK-quality vision at all distances, eliminating the need for any post-surgical intervention like wavefront-corrected LASIK or progressive spectacles. Nayam Innovations can also deliver IOLs that can be implanted using standard surgical procedures and instruments, without any additional training or equipment.

Who uses Nayam Innovations?

Nayam Innovations is used by various stakeholders in the ophthalmology industry, such as:

  • Surgeons: Nayam Innovations helps surgeons to provide the best possible vision outcomes to their patients, and enhance their reputation and practice. Nayam Innovations helps them to customize and implant IOLs according to their patients’ needs and preferences, and offer value-added services such as post-LASIK cataract correction and near vision enhancement.
  • Patients: Nayam Innovations helps patients to achieve spectacle-free LASIK-quality vision at all distances, and improve their quality of life and productivity. Nayam Innovations helps them to get personalized IOLs that can correct any combination of lower and higher order aberrations, and suit their lifestyle and visual demands.
  • OEMs: Nayam Innovations helps OEMs to improve their product portfolio and market share, and increase their competitiveness and profitability. Nayam Innovations helps them to leverage its customization technology platform and cast-molding methodology to produce and offer high-quality and low-cost IOLs to their customers.
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Why choose Nayam Innovations?

Nayam Innovations is the world’s first and the highest ROI delivering medical device startup that is eliminating needless blindness, impacting 1 billion+ lives. Nayam Innovations offers various advantages and benefits, such as:

  • Providing spectacle-free LASIK-quality vision at all distances, eliminating the need for any post-surgical intervention like wavefront-corrected LASIK or progressive spectacles.
  • Supporting 100+ languages, including 14+ Indian languages, for creating and interacting with the platform.
  • Integrating with popular platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Google Assistant for providing seamless and convenient communication and interaction.
  • Leveraging the latest and most innovative technologies and solutions in the field of AI, ML, NLP, AR, and VR for providing accurate and reliable analytics and insights.
  • Providing a scalable, customizable, and flexible solution that caters to the diverse and dynamic needs and preferences of the users.
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Nayam Innovations is a revolutionary and visionary startup that is transforming the way cataract surgery is performed and vision is restored. Nayam Innovations is empowering surgeons and patients to create and manage personalized IOLs that are secure, scalable, and reliable. Nayam Innovations is elevating the ophthalmology industry to the next level of digital transformation and vision excellence. To know more about Nayam Innovations and its offerings, visit their website.

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