Multibhashi: A Platform for Learning Languages Simplified

Multibhashi: A Platform for Learning Languages Simplified – Language is a powerful tool for communication, learning, and personal development. However, learning a new language can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for busy professionals and students who have limited resources and opportunities. How can we make language learning more accessible, effective, and enjoyable for everyone?


Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Jaipur
  • STATE: Rajasthan
  • STARTED IN: 2017
  • FOUNDERS: Anuradha Agarwal and Davendra Agrawal

You can find their website here.

The answer lies in Multibhashi, an ed-tech platform that facilitates online learning of various languages in an effective and innovative manner through the medium of audio-visual training sessions and app-based learning. Multibhashi is a leader in providing learning solutions in various spheres, such as English, foreign languages, Indian languages, academic classes for kids, advanced Excel, and more. Multibhashi also provides localization services, such as translation, transcription, content creation, voice services, and more, for Indian and foreign languages.

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What is Multibhashi?

Multibhashi is an Indian-based language learning platform that was founded in 2016 by Anuradha Agarwal, a serial entrepreneur and a language enthusiast. Multibhashi’s vision is to empower people with the skills and confidence to communicate effectively in any language and situation. Multibhashi’s mission is to make language learning simplified, personalized, and affordable for everyone.

Multibhashi offers a variety of courses and services for language learners of all levels and backgrounds, such as:

  • Live online classes: Multibhashi provides live and interactive classes for learning English, foreign languages, Indian languages, and other subjects, with expert teachers and customized curriculum. Learners can choose from group classes or personal classes, according to their learning needs and preferences.
  • App-based learning: Multibhashi has an android app that can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store. The app provides a fun and engaging way to learn languages through quizzes, puzzles, games, and videos, that are updated daily. The app also tracks the learners’ progress and provides feedback and rewards.
  • Localization services: Multibhashi provides high-quality and cost-effective localization services for various industries and domains, such as e-commerce, education, media, healthcare, and more. Multibhashi has a team of proficient and experienced linguists who can handle translation, transcription, content creation, voice services, and other localization needs, in Indian and foreign languages.
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How does Multibhashi work?

Multibhashi works with various customers across the education and business sectors, such as individuals, schools, colleges, corporates, and government organizations. Multibhashi offers customized and scalable solutions according to the customers’ goals and requirements.

Multibhashi’s core product is its online learning platform, which consists of three main components:

  • A website that showcases the courses and services offered by Multibhashi, and allows the customers to enroll and pay for them.
  • A mobile app that delivers the app-based learning content and features, and connects to the website for seamless integration.
  • A cloud platform that hosts and manages the live online classes, and provides real-time data and analytics for operations management and optimization.

Multibhashi’s platform works as follows:

  • The customer visits the website and browses the courses and services offered by Multibhashi, and selects the one that suits their needs and interests.
  • The customer registers and pays for the selected course or service, and receives a confirmation email with the details and instructions.
  • The customer downloads the app and logs in with their credentials, and accesses the app-based learning content and features, such as quizzes, puzzles, games, and videos.
  • The customer also attends the live online classes, if applicable, and interacts with the teacher and other learners, through the app or the website.
  • The customer completes the course or service, and receives a certificate of completion and feedback from Multibhashi.


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What are the benefits of Multibhashi?

Multibhashi’s platform offers several benefits for customers, such as:

  • Improved language skills: The platform helps the customers to improve their language skills, such as speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, in a systematic and structured way.
  • Enhanced learning experience: The platform provides a personalized and engaging learning experience, by using audio-visual content, gamification, and interactive features, that cater to the customers’ learning styles and preferences.
  • Increased convenience and flexibility: The platform allows the customers to learn at their own pace and convenience, by providing online and mobile access, and flexible timings and schedules.
  • Reduced cost and time: The platform saves the customers’ cost and time, by providing affordable and value-for-money courses and services, and eliminating the need for travel and physical infrastructure.
  • Expanded opportunities and outcomes: The platform enables the customers to achieve their desired goals and outcomes, such as career advancement, academic success, personal growth, and cultural awareness, by enhancing their communication and confidence in any language and situation.
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Multibhashi is a pioneer and leader in the field of language learning and localization. With its state-of-the-art technology and software, Multibhashi is enabling people to learn and communicate effectively in any language and situation. Multibhashi is partnering with several customers across the globe to elevate their language skills and outcomes, and is on a mission to make language learning simplified, personalized, and affordable for everyone. Multibhashi is the world’s first language learning platform that combines live online classes and app-based learning, and is on a vision to be the world’s go-to platform for learning languages simplified.

If you want to learn more about Multibhashi, you can visit their website, or contact them for a demo or a quote. You can also follow them on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter  , Instagram and YouTube for the latest updates and news.

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