Modi Government Makes Whopping Rs 1,163 Crore from Selling Scrap

The Narendra Modi government has achieved yet another remarkable feat by earning a staggering amount of nearly Rs 1,163 crore through the sale of scrap. This astounding figure is equivalent to twice the cost of the ambitious Chandrayaan-3 mission. The government has managed to accomplish this tremendous financial boost through the sale of various items such as files, condemned office equipment, and obsolete vehicles.

Chandrayaan-3 Mission and Cost

As we all know, the Chandrayaan-3 mission, aimed at exploring the moon, incurred an expenditure of approximately Rs 600 crore. It is indeed impressive that the Modi government has been able to generate an amount double that of the mission’s cost solely by selling scrap materials. This exemplifies the government’s innovative approach towards optimizing resources and generating revenue.

Scrapping Initiatives and Their Impact

Since October 2021, an astounding number of 96 lakh physical files have been successfully weeded out from various central government offices. This remarkable achievement has not only created much-needed space but has also facilitated better organization and efficiency within the government machinery. Approximately 355 lakh square feet of workspace has been freed up, contributing to a more streamlined and effective work environment.

Leading the way in this commendable initiative, the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances has spearheaded the drive to declutter government offices and enhance productivity. Their relentless efforts have resulted in tremendous outcomes, fostering a culture of cleanliness and orderliness across government departments.

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Revenue Distribution and Ministry Contributions

Out of the staggering Rs 1,163 crore earned from the sale of scrap, the Ministry of Railways alone contributed nearly Rs 225 crore. The Defence Ministry also played a significant role, contributing Rs 168 crore to the overall revenue. Additionally, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and the Coal Ministry made substantial contributions of Rs 56 crore and Rs 34 crore, respectively.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Ministry of External Affairs emerged as a frontrunner in this initiative, having successfully weeded out a remarkable 3.9 lakh files. Following closely behind, the Department of Military Affairs eliminated 3.15 lakh files. The adoption of e-files has witnessed significant growth, now accounting for almost 96% of the government’s filing system. This shift towards digitalization has been instrumental in creating a more efficient and sustainable administrative framework.

Special Campaign 3.0 and its Success

“The Special Campaign 3.0 for institutionalizing swachhata (cleanliness) and reducing pendency represents India’s largest-ever campaign for swachhata in office spaces,” said V Srinivas, Secretary, DARPG. This campaign, conducted over a month, spanned a remarkable 2,58,673 offices both within India and abroad and resulted in the freeing up of a staggering 164 lakh square feet of office space. Simultaneously, 24.07 lakh physical files were weeded out, leading to the impressive revenue generation of Rs 556.35 crore.

This campaign has proven immensely successful in reducing pending tasks across various ministries and departments. Targets for redressing public grievances, improving records management practices, and replying to MP references have been nearly 100% achieved. The Swachhata Assessment Report 2023 commends the leadership role played by the Council of Ministers and the Secretaries to GOI in implementing this campaign under the visionary guidance of Prime Minister Modi. The best practices and innovations documented in the report will form the foundation for institutionalizing swachhata practices within the government. Going forward, three hours per week will be devoted to swachhata activities, ensuring a sustained focus on cleanliness.


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The astounding achievement of earning Rs 1,163 crore from selling scrap exemplifies the Modi government’s commitment to financial prudence and effective resource management. By transforming cluttered and outdated workspaces into streamlined, efficient environments, the government has successfully optimized its operations while generating substantial revenue. Such initiatives not only yield financial gains but also foster a culture of cleanliness and innovation. The Modi government’s unwavering dedication to enhancing administrative efficiency and productivity has once again propelled India towards greater heights.

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