Loopworm: Harnessing the Power of Nature through Insects

Loopworm is an innovative start-up that leverages the remarkable potential of insects, particularly silkworms and black soldier flies, to produce high-quality and eco-friendly products for the animal feed industry and beyond. Loopworm grows insects on organic by-products, such as food waste and crop residues, and processes them into value-added products, such as protein meal, oil, and biomolecules. Loopworm aims to not only improve the nutrition, health, and well-being of animals, humans, and plants, but also to reduce the environmental impact and resource scarcity caused by conventional feed sources.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Bengaluru
  • STATE : Karnataka
  • STARTED IN : 2019
  • FOUNDERS : Abhi Gawri and Ankit Alok Bagaria

You can find their website here


The Problem with Conventional Feed Sources

The global demand for animal feed is expected to grow by 70% by 2050, driven by the increasing consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy products. However, the conventional feed sources, such as soybean meal, fishmeal, and corn, are facing significant challenges, such as:

  • Unsustainability: Conventional feed sources require large amounts of land, water, and energy to produce, and contribute to deforestation, soil erosion, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, they are subject to price volatility, supply shortages, and trade disputes, making them unreliable and costly.
  • Low quality: Conventional feed sources often contain anti-nutritional factors, such as phytates, lectins, and trypsin inhibitors, that reduce the digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients. They also pose the risk of contamination by pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and pathogens, that can affect the health and safety of animals and humans.
  • Limited diversity: Conventional feed sources have a narrow range of nutritional profiles, and often lack essential amino acids, fatty acids, and micronutrients. They also have low palatability and flavor, and can cause allergies and intolerances in some animals.


The Solution: Insect-Based Feed Ingredients

Insects are a natural and abundant source of nutrients for animals, as they have been part of their diet for millions of years. Insects offer several advantages over conventional feed sources, such as:

  • Sustainability: Insects can grow on organic by-products, such as food waste and crop residues, that would otherwise go to landfills or incinerators. Insects can convert these by-products into high-quality biomass, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, odors, and pathogens. Insects also require much less land, water, and energy to produce than conventional feed sources, and can be grown all year round in any climate and location.
  • High quality: Insects are rich in protein, fat, and micronutrients, and contain all essential amino acids and fatty acids. Insects have high digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients, and can enhance the growth, immunity, and productivity of animals. Insects are also free of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides, and have low risk of contamination by pathogens and toxins.
  • Diversity: Insects have a wide range of nutritional profiles, and can be tailored to suit the specific needs and preferences of different animals. Insects also have high palatability and flavor, and can improve the taste and quality of animal products. Insects have hypoallergenic properties, and can reduce the incidence of allergies and intolerances in some animals.


Loopworm’s Products and Services

Loopworm is India’s first insect farming start-up, and has developed a proprietary technology to grow and process insects at scale. Loopworm sources organic by-products from food processors, retail food chains, and fruit markets, and uses them to feed silkworms and black soldier flies. Loopworm then processes the insects into various products, such as:

  • Loop-Grubs: Whole dried insects that can be used as a natural and nutritious treat for pets, poultry, and aquaculture. Loop-Grubs contain high-quality amino acids, lipids, and micronutrients, and have high palatability and digestibility.
  • Loop-Meal: Insect protein meal that can be used as a partial or complete replacement for conventional protein sources, such as soybean meal and fishmeal, in animal feed formulations. Loop-Meal contains all essential amino acids, easily digestible proteins, superior palatability, and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Loop-Oil: Insect oil that can be used as a source of energy and essential fatty acids in animal feed. Loop-Oil enhances feed palatability, provides quick energy, and contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Loop-Bio: Insect-derived biomolecules that can be used for various applications in the health, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and bio-pharma industries. Loop-Bio includes antimicrobial peptides, melanin, chitin, and other high-value compounds.

Loopworm also offers professional services and consulting to help clients optimize their feed formulations, improve their animal performance, and reduce their environmental footprint. Loopworm also supports the livelihoods of insect and silk farmers, fostering fair practices and securing a sustainable future for the communities it works with.


Loopworm’s Achievements and Recognition

Loopworm is a pioneer and leader in the insect-based feed industry in India, and has achieved several milestones and accolades, such as:

How to Contact  Loopworm ?

If you have any queries, feedback, or complaints regarding Loopworm , you can contact them through the following ways:

  • Call them on their toll-free number: 7889162883
  • Email them at: info@loopworm.in
  •  Follow them on their : LinkedInInstagram
  • Visit their office at: 1st floor, Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, C-CAMP, Bellary Rd, Sahakar Nagar, Kodigehalli, Bengaluru,                                                               Karnataka 560065

How to Get in Touch with Loopworm?

If you are interested in learning more about Loopworm and how it can help you improve your animal feed and nutrition, you can visit their website  to explore their products, features, case studies, and resources. You can also request a sample, a quote, or a consultation by filling out a simple form on their website. You can also follow them on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn , and Instagram, to stay updated on their latest news and events. Loopworm is committed to harnessing the power of nature through insects, and creating a positive impact on the world.

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