LivNSense: The AI Platform for the Manufacturing Industry

LivNSense: The AI Platform for the Manufacturing Industry – The manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital transformation, driven by the need to optimize operations, reduce costs, improve quality, and achieve sustainability. However, many manufacturing processes are still complex, dynamic, and nonlinear, requiring human intervention and expertise to monitor and control them. This poses challenges for achieving efficiency, reliability, and safety in the industry.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Bengaluru
  • STATE : Karnataka
  • STARTED IN : 2018
  • FOUNDERS : Avnish Kumar and Priyanka Kumar.

You can find their website here.

To address these challenges, LivNSense, a pioneering industrial AI platform-led venture, offers an out-of-the-box solution that transforms continuous process industry with standard electronic systems into cognitive living equipment. LivNSense leverages advanced machine learning, computer vision, and edge computing technologies to provide real-time cognitive insights and predictive analytics for the manufacturing industry.

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How LivNSense Works

LivNSense’s flagship product is iSense4i, an industrial AI platform that connects to various data sources, such as sensors, cameras, PLCs, SCADA, and ERP systems, and applies AI models to extract meaningful information and actionable insights. iSense4i can be deployed on-premise, on-cloud, or on-edge, depending on the customer’s requirements and preferences.

iSense4i enables the following capabilities for the manufacturing industry:

  • Process Optimization: iSense4i monitors the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the manufacturing processes, such as temperature, pressure, flow, level, pH, and quality, and provides real-time feedback and recommendations to optimize the process parameters and reduce wastage, downtime, and defects.
  • Asset Management: iSense4i tracks the health and performance of the critical assets, such as pumps, motors, valves, compressors, and boilers, and predicts their failure modes and remaining useful life. This helps to prevent breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs, and extend asset life.
  • Quality Control: iSense4i analyzes the images and videos captured by the cameras installed in the production lines, and detects any anomalies, defects, or deviations in the products or processes. This helps to ensure quality standards, reduce rework and scrap, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Safety and Compliance: iSense4i identifies and alerts any potential hazards, risks, or violations in the manufacturing environment, such as gas leaks, fire, smoke, spills, or unauthorized access. This helps to ensure safety and security of the workers, equipment, and environment, and comply with the regulatory norms and standards.
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Why LivNSense is Different

LivNSense is not just another AI company that provides generic solutions for the manufacturing industry. LivNSense has differentiated itself with the following unique features and benefits:

  • Domain Expertise: LivNSense has a deep understanding of the manufacturing domain, and the specific pain points and challenges faced by the industry. LivNSense has a team of domain experts, data scientists, and engineers who work closely with the customers to understand their needs and provide customized solutions.
  • Business Impact: LivNSense does not just provide data and insights, but also translates them into business outcomes and value propositions. LivNSense measures and quantifies the impact of its solutions on the customer’s business metrics, such as revenue, profit, cost, quality, and sustainability.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: LivNSense’s platform is scalable and flexible, and can handle large volumes and varieties of data from multiple sources and formats. LivNSense’s platform is also adaptable and can integrate with the existing systems and infrastructure of the customers, without requiring any major changes or modifications.
  • Innovation and Excellence: LivNSense is constantly innovating and improving its platform and solutions, by incorporating the latest technologies and best practices in the field of AI. LivNSense has also received several awards and recognitions for its innovation and excellence, such as the Accenture Sustainability Value Accelerator, the NASSCOM Emerge 50, and the Microsoft AI for Earth.
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How to Get Started with LivNSense

If you are interested in exploring how LivNSense can help you transform your manufacturing processes and operations, you can visit their website and request a demo or a free trial. You can also contact them via email at or call them at  +91-9845161339

LivNSense is on a mission to empower the manufacturing industry with AI, and help them achieve operational excellence, business growth, and environmental sustainability. Join them today and discover the power of cognitive living equipment.

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