HireSure.ai: A HRtech Startup That Elevates Your Hiring Experience

How HireSure.ai is Revolutionizing the Hiring Process with AI and Blockchain – Hiring is one of the most crucial and challenging aspects of running a successful business. Finding the right talent, making competitive offers, engaging candidates, and ensuring a smooth onboarding process are some of the key steps involved in hiring. However, these steps are often plagued by inefficiencies, biases, and uncertainties that can result in poor hiring decisions, offer dropouts, and employee turnover.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Bengaluru
  • STATE: Karnataka
  • STARTED IN: 2019
  • FOUNDERS:  Anurag Dixit, Anshul Mishra, Ramesh Babu Konatham, Vineet Kumar Dwivedi and Yashwanth Channabasappa

You can find their website here.

This is where HireSure.ai comes in. HireSure.ai is a HRtech startup that aims to elevate the hiring experience for both employers and candidates by using AI and blockchain technologies. Founded in 2019 by three graduates from IIT Kanpur – Anurag Dixit, Anshul Mishra, and Ramesh Konatham, HireSure.ai has raised $2.5 million in seed funding and has partnered with over 100 companies across India.

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What does HireSure.ai do?

HireSure.ai offers a comprehensive platform that covers the entire hiring cycle, from offer creation to onboarding. Here are some of the features and benefits of HireSure.ai:

Real-time compensation benchmarking

One of the biggest challenges in hiring is determining the right compensation for a candidate. Offering too low can result in losing the candidate to a competitor, while offering too high can result in overpaying and affecting the company’s budget. HireSure.ai solves this problem by providing real-time compensation data based on the candidate’s profile, industry, location, and role. This helps employers make informed and fair compensation decisions and eliminate pay disparities.

Digital offer experience

Another challenge in hiring is communicating the offer to the candidate in a convincing and appealing way. Many candidates may not fully understand the value and benefits of the offer, or may have doubts and queries that need to be resolved. HireSure.ai enhances the offer experience by creating a digital offer letter that highlights the key aspects of the offer, such as fixed, variable, equity, and benefits. It also allows employers to customize the offer letter with their branding, logo, and message.

Offer engagement

Once the offer is accepted, the next challenge is to keep the candidate engaged and excited until the joining date. Many candidates may lose interest, get counteroffers, or face personal issues that can lead to offer dropouts. HireSure.ai prevents this by creating a sequence of touch points with the candidate, such as emails, SMS, calls, and gifts. It also uses AI to predict the chances of dropout and alert the employers if any intervention is needed.

Intelligent offer assistant

One of the most innovative features of HireSure.ai is its intelligent offer assistant, ARCI. ARCI is a chatbot that can interact with the candidate and answer their queries about the offer, the company, and the role. ARCI can also communicate the true value and benefits of the offer and persuade the candidate to join the company. ARCI is powered by natural language processing and machine learning and can handle complex and dynamic conversations.

Digital onboarding

The final step in hiring is to onboard the candidate and make them feel welcome and comfortable in the company. HireSure.ai makes this process easy and fun by providing a gamified onboarding experience. The candidate can complete the necessary formalities, such as document verification, background check, and policy agreement, through a digital platform. They can also access training modules, surveys, and feedback forms to learn more about the company and their role.

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How does HireSure.ai use AI and blockchain?

HireSure.ai leverages AI and blockchain technologies to enhance its platform and provide a secure, transparent, and efficient hiring process. Some of the ways it uses these technologies are:

  • AI is used to analyze the candidate’s profile, skills, and preferences and provide real-time compensation data and recommendations.
  • AI is also used to create personalized and engaging communication workflows with the candidate and predict their behavior and intent.
  • AI is further used to power the intelligent offer assistant, ARCI, that can converse with the candidate and resolve their queries and concerns.
  • Blockchain is used to store and verify the employment records of the candidates and ensure their authenticity and integrity.
  • Blockchain is also used to create smart contracts that can automate the offer acceptance and onboarding process and ensure compliance and accountability.
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What are the benefits of HireSure.ai?

HireSure.ai provides a number of benefits for both employers and candidates, such as:

  • For employers, HireSure.ai helps them save time, money, and resources by streamlining the hiring process and reducing the hiring cycle time.
  • For employers, HireSure.ai also helps them improve the quality of hire, increase the offer acceptance rate, and reduce the offer dropout rate and employee turnover rate.
  • For candidates, HireSure.ai helps them get a fair and competitive compensation, understand the value and benefits of the offer, and get their queries and doubts resolved.
  • For candidates, HireSure.ai also helps them stay engaged and excited throughout the hiring process and get a smooth and enjoyable onboarding experience.
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How to get started with HireSure.ai?

If you are interested in using HireSure.ai for your hiring needs, you can request a demo on their website here. You can also contact them via email at hello@hiresure.ai or call them at +91 98860 41118. You can also follow them on LinkedIn , Instagram to get the latest updates and news about their platform and features. HireSure.ai is currently focused on the Indian market, but plans to expand to other regions in the future.

HireSure.ai is a HRtech startup that is revolutionizing the hiring process with AI and blockchain. It offers a comprehensive platform that covers the entire hiring cycle, from offer creation to onboarding. It helps employers make informed and fair compensation decisions, communicate and engage with candidates effectively, and onboard them smoothly. It also helps candidates get a better offer experience, resolve their queries and concerns, and join the company with confidence and enthusiasm. HireSure.ai is a platform that makes hiring more efficient, transparent, and predictable.


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