Heamac Healthcare: Design-Driven Innovation for a Brighter Future in Neonatal Care

Heamac Healthcare: A Medtech Startup That Develops Innovative Solutions for Neonatal Jaundice Management – Neonatal jaundice is a common and serious condition that affects more than 60% of newborns worldwide. It is caused by the accumulation of bilirubin, a yellow pigment, in the blood and tissues of the baby. If left untreated, neonatal jaundice can lead to severe complications, such as brain damage, hearing loss, and even death.

Heamac Healthcare

Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Hyderabad
  • STATE : Telangana
  • STARTED IN : 2018
  • FOUNDERS : Akitha Kolloju and Prasad Muddam

You can find their website here.

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How Heamac Healthcare is Tackling Neonatal Jaundice

Heamac Healthcare is a medtech startup that provides solutions for neonatal jaundice management. Founded in 2018 by Prasad Muddam and Akitha Kolloju, two biomedical engineers and alumni of IIT Hyderabad, Heamac Healthcare is on a mission to make the world a better place for the neonates.

Heamac Healthcare’s flagship product is nLite 360, an intelligent phototherapy device for neonatal jaundice treatment. Phototherapy is the standard treatment for neonatal jaundice, which involves exposing the baby to blue light to break down the excess bilirubin in the body. However, conventional phototherapy devices have many limitations, such as:

  • They are bulky, expensive, and require constant power supply and maintenance.
  • They provide uneven and insufficient light coverage, which reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • They cause heating and dehydration of the baby, which can lead to discomfort and infections.
  • They separate the baby from the mother, which can affect the bonding and breastfeeding.

nLite 360 is designed to overcome these limitations and provide a superior and user-friendly solution for neonatal jaundice management. nLite 360 has the following features and benefits:

  • It is portable, affordable, and battery-operated, which makes it suitable for low-resource settings and home care.
  • It provides 360-degree light coverage, which ensures uniform and optimal treatment for the baby.
  • It uses LED technology, which reduces the heat and power consumption and increases the lifespan of the device.
  • It allows the mother and the baby to stay together, which enhances the bonding and breastfeeding.
  • It uses AI and IoT to monitor the baby’s condition and provide real-time feedback and recommendations to the caregivers.

By using nLite 360, neonates can receive effective and safe treatment for jaundice, and avoid the risk of complications and blood transfusions. nLite 360 can also help reduce the burden on the healthcare system and improve the quality of life for the neonates and their families.

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Other Products and Services by Heamac Healthcare

Besides nLite 360, Heamac Healthcare also offers other products and services that cater to various aspects of neonatal healthcare, such as:

  • nLite Home: A home-based phototherapy service that allows parents to rent nLite 360 devices and receive guidance and support from trained nurses and doctors.
  • nLite Pro: A professional phototherapy service that allows hospitals and clinics to use nLite 360 devices and access the cloud-based data and analytics platform.
  • nLite Edu: An educational and awareness program that provides information and training on neonatal jaundice and its management to parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.
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The Vision and Impact of Heamac Healthcare

Heamac Healthcare is driven by a vision to provide innovative and affordable solutions to medical problems and to enhance the quality of life for individuals around the world. The startup is backed by various grants and awards from the government of India, such as the Biotechnology Ignition Grant, the Women Entrepreneurship Quest, and the National Entrepreneurship Award. The startup has also filed 11 trademarks and nine patents for its products and technologies.

Heamac Healthcare has the potential to create a positive impact on the lives of millions of neonates and their families, especially in developing countries where access to quality healthcare is limited. By enabling early diagnosis and management of neonatal jaundice, Heamac Healthcare can help reduce neonatal mortality and morbidity, improve neonatal outcomes, and empower parents to take charge of their child’s health and well-being. Heamac Healthcare is an example of how the best of science and the best of creators can come together to create magic and make a difference in the world.

This is just the beginning of Heamac Healthcare’s journey. With their dedication to innovation and their unwavering commitment to mothers and babies, they are poised to make a significant impact on the world of neonatal care.

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