Haldiram’s Expresses Interest in Buying Majority Stake in Prataap Snacks

In a significant move that has sparked excitement in the snack food market, Haldiram’s, a renowned snacks major, has expressed its keen interest in acquiring a majority stake in Prataap Snacks Limited (PSL). Reports suggest that Haldiram’s aims to expand its presence in the highly competitive potato chip market by acquiring the company responsible for the popular ‘Yellow Diamond Chips’. The news has resonated positively with the investors, resulting in an 11% surge in Prataap Snacks’ stock value. This article delves into the details of this potential acquisition and highlights its implications for both companies and the snack food industry as a whole.

The Potential Acquisition


According to reliable sources, Haldiram’s has entered into talks with Prataap Snacks regarding the acquisition of a majority stake in the company. With this strategic move, Haldiram’s aims to strengthen its position in the potato chip market and further expand its product offerings. While the exact percentage of the stake is yet to be finalized, Haldiram’s is eyeing a majority stake of at least 51%. The deal valuation has not been discussed at this stage, indicating that the negotiations are still at an early phase.

The Motivation Behind the Acquisition

Haldiram’s, a brand synonymous with quality snacks and sweets, has been a dominant player in the Indian snack food industry for decades. By acquiring Prataap Snacks, the company intends to capitalize on the latter’s expertise and brand recognition, particularly with regards to the ‘Yellow Diamond Chips’ range. This move will expand Haldiram’s product portfolio and afford it a greater share of the fiercely competitive potato chip market, dominated primarily by global giants such as Pepsi’s Lay’s brand.


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Prataap Snacks: A Profile

Prataap Snacks, with its headquarters based in Indore, has an impressive network of over 5,000 distributors and sub-distributors, making it a prominent player in the Indian snack food market. Renowned for its flagship brand ‘Yellow Diamond Chips’, the company has successfully captured the taste buds of consumers nationwide. Prataap Snacks’ consistent growth and strong market presence have driven its valuation to an impressive $350 million. This acquisition opportunity not only presents a mutually beneficial prospect for Haldiram’s but also reinforces Prataap Snacks’ market reputation and affords it the opportunity to leverage Haldiram’s vast distribution network.

The Significance of the Acquisition

In an era of intense competition, mergers and acquisitions serve as strategic maneuvers to gain a competitive edge and foster growth. Haldiram’s has a well-established position in the snack food industry, both nationally and internationally. The potential acquisition of Prataap Snacks will enable Haldiram’s to tap into new markets, enhance its product range, and synergize the strengths of both companies to deliver superior value to consumers.

Potential Impact on the Snack Food Industry

The potential acquisition of Prataap Snacks by Haldiram’s holds several implications for the snack food industry. Firstly, it signals the continued consolidation and expansion within the sector, as major players seek to widen their market reach and diversify their product portfolios. This acquisition will likely intensify the competition between Haldiram’s and other established players, resulting in increased innovation and improved product offerings.


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The potential acquisition of Prataap Snacks by Haldiram’s represents a significant development within the snack food industry. With talks underway and the investment community responding positively, it’s clear that this move has captured the attention of both investors and industry watchers. As negotiations progress, all eyes will be on the snack food sector to see how this acquisition will shape the future landscape.



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