GreenPod Labs: A Smart Solution for Quality Assessment of Fruits and Vegetables

GreenPod Labs: A Startup that is Managing Food Waste via Packaging that Slows Down Ripening – Food waste is a global problem that affects the environment, the economy, and the society. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), one-third of the food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted every year, which amounts to about 1.3 billion tonnes of food. Food waste not only causes a huge loss of resources, such as water, land, and energy, but also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and food insecurity.

How can we tackle this challenge and reduce food waste, especially in the agricultural sector, where most of the losses occur during post-harvest handling and storage?


Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Chennai
  • STATE: Tamil Nadu
  • STARTED IN: 2019
  • FOUNDERS: Deepak Rajmohan and Malliga.

You can find their website here.

The answer lies in GreenPod Labs, a startup that develops natural and sustainable solutions to minimize food waste, by extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. GreenPod Labs uses plant extracts to activate the defense mechanism of fruits and vegetables, which slows down the ripening rate and minimizes microbial growth.

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What is GreenPod Labs?

GreenPod Labs is a Chennai-based biotechnology company that was founded in 2019 by a team of researchers from IIT Madras, who wanted to use their expertise in nanotechnology and biotechnology to solve the problem of food waste. GreenPod Labs’ vision is to create nature-inspired solutions that enhance the quality and quantity of food. GreenPod Labs’ mission is to reduce food waste and improve food security using technology.

GreenPod Labs has developed a product that can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by 2-3 times, without using any chemicals or refrigeration. The product is a sachet that contains natural plant extracts, which are encapsulated in nanoparticles. The sachet can be placed in the packaging or storage of fruits and vegetables, where it releases the plant extracts in a controlled manner. The plant extracts act as natural elicitors, which trigger the defense mechanism of fruits and vegetables, such as:

  • Increasing the production of antioxidants, which protect the cells from oxidative stress and damage.
  • Enhancing the synthesis of ethylene, which regulates the ripening process and delays senescence.
  • Modulating the activity of enzymes, such as polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase, which affect the color, texture, and flavor of fruits and vegetables.
  • Inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, such as fungi and bacteria, which cause spoilage and decay.

The sachet is made of biodegradable materials, such as cellulose and starch, which do not pose any harm to the environment or the consumers. The sachet is also cost-effective, as it can be produced at a low price and can save the cost of transportation and storage.


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How does GreenPod Labs work?

GreenPod Labs works with various customers across the food supply chain, such as farmers, traders, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, importers, processors, and consumers. GreenPod Labs offers customized and scalable solutions according to the customers’ needs and requirements.

GreenPod Labs’ core product is its sachet, which consists of three main components:

  • A nanoparticle formulation that contains natural plant extracts, such as neem, turmeric, ginger, and garlic, which have anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • A sachet material that is made of biodegradable polymers, such as cellulose and starch, which have good mechanical strength, permeability, and biocompatibility.
  • A sachet design that is optimized for the size, shape, and weight of the fruits and vegetables, and the mode of packaging and storage.

GreenPod Labs’ sachet works as follows:

  • The customer places the sachet in the packaging or storage of the fruits and vegetables, along with a humidity indicator, which shows the optimal moisture level for the product.
  • The sachet releases the plant extracts in a controlled manner, depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment, and the type and ripening stage of the fruits and vegetables.
  • The plant extracts interact with the fruits and vegetables, and activate their defense mechanism, which slows down the ripening rate and minimizes microbial growth.
  • The sachet extends the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables by 2-3 times, and preserves their quality and freshness.


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What are the benefits of GreenPod Labs?

GreenPod Labs’ sachet offers several benefits for customers, such as:

  • Reduced food waste: The sachet can prevent the loss of fruits and vegetables due to spoilage and deterioration, by extending their shelf life and maintaining their quality.
  • Improved food safety: The sachet can ensure the delivery of healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables to the end-consumers, by avoiding the use of chemicals or refrigeration, which can have adverse effects on the health and the environment.
  • Increased food security: The sachet can improve the availability and accessibility of fruits and vegetables, by reducing the dependency on the cold chain and the transportation infrastructure, which can be unreliable and expensive.
  • Enhanced food value: The sachet can increase the profitability and competitiveness of the customers, by reducing the cost of production, storage, and transportation, and increasing the marketability and demand of the fruits and vegetables.
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GreenPod Labs is a pioneer and leader in the field of biotechnology for food waste management. With its state-of-the-art technology and product, GreenPod Labs is enabling customers to triumph over global food challenges, by revolutionizing post-harvest operations. GreenPod Labs is partnering with several customers across the globe to elevate their food quality and quantity, and is on a mission to empower them to deliver the most efficient and reliable food services, using nature-inspired solutions. GreenPod Labs is the world’s first company that uses plant extracts to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, and is on a vision to be the world’s go-to company for food waste solutions that deliver impact and enrich lives of customers, partners and end-consumers.

If you want to learn more about GreenPod Labs, you can visit their website, or contact them for a demo or a quote. You can also follow them on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube for the latest updates and news.

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