Greenjoules: A Green Energy Technology Startup That Produces Renewable Biofuels from Waste

Greenjoules: A Green Energy Technology Startup That Produces Renewable Biofuels from Waste – Do you want to know how a startup is solving the problem of waste management and energy security in India and beyond? Do you want to learn how a simple innovation can convert agricultural residues and agro-industrial wastes into eco-friendly fuels? Do you want to discover how a team of passionate entrepreneurs is making a difference in the world of green energy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to read this article about Greenjoules.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Pune
  • STATE : Maharashtra
  • STARTED IN : 2018
  • FOUNDERS : Gokul Kisan Badgujar, Radhika Viraraghavan and Sankaran Viraraghavan

You can find their website here

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  What is Greenjoules?

Greenjoules is a green energy technology startup that develops breakthrough technologies to produce renewable biofuels from waste. These biofuels are commonly recognized as “Drop-in Fuels”, which are compatible with the existing fossil fuel infrastructure and can be used in various applications, such as boilers, generators, and vehicles . The startup was founded in 2018 by Viraraghavan Sankaran, Shweta Viraraghavan, Sethunath Ramaswamy, and Radhika Viraraghavan, who are experts in the fields of chemical engineering, biotechnology, business, and operations .

The flagship product of Greenjoules is Abhilasha Biofuels, a portfolio of renewable biofuels made entirely from agricultural residues and renewable wastes from agro-processing industries. These include liquid fuels, such as biodiesel and bioethanol, and gaseous fuels, such as biogas and bio-CNG. These fuels are derived from various feedstocks, such as rice straw, sugarcane bagasse, corn stover, cotton stalks, and press mud .

The benefits of Abhilasha Biofuels are manifold. They reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and enhance the energy security of the country. They also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint of the energy sector. They also improve the waste management and the environmental quality of the rural areas. Moreover, they create value-added products and generate income and employment opportunities for the farmers and the rural communities.

Greenjoules has a state-of-the-art biorefinery located in Chakan, near Pune, India, where it produces Abhilasha Biofuels using its proprietary technologies and processes. The biorefinery has a capacity of 10 tons per day of feedstock processing and can produce up to 3,000 liters of liquid fuels and 1,500 kg of gaseous fuels per day . The biorefinery also uses its own biofuels for heat and power generation, making it a self-sustaining and carbon-neutral facility.

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  Why choose Greenjoules?

Greenjoules is not just another startup, it is a social enterprise that aims to create a positive impact on the society and the environment. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Greenjoules:

– It offers a holistic and innovative solution to the challenges of waste and energy. By using the waste as a resource, Greenjoules not only solves the problem of waste disposal and pollution, but also creates a valuable product that can meet the growing demand for energy. By using the biofuels as a substitute for fossil fuels, Greenjoules not only reduces the reliance on imported and expensive fuels, but also lowers the emissions and the environmental impact of the energy sector.
– It leverages the latest technology and scientific research to produce high-quality biofuels. Greenjoules has developed its own technologies and processes to convert various feedstocks into biofuels, using green chemistry and biotechnology principles. The biofuels produced by Greenjoules meet the standards and specifications of the fossil fuels, and can be used without any modifications or blending. The biofuels also have higher energy density and lower sulphur and PAH content than the conventional biofuels, making them superior and cleaner fuels.
– It supports the farmers and the rural communities in achieving sustainability and prosperity. Greenjoules provides a reliable and profitable market for the agricultural residues and wastes, which are otherwise burnt or dumped, causing environmental and health hazards. Greenjoules also provides training and support to the farmers and the rural entrepreneurs, who can become the suppliers or the distributors of the biofuels. Greenjoules also contributes to the rural development and the social welfare, by creating jobs, income, and infrastructure.

  How to get Greenjoules?

Getting Greenjoules for your energy needs is easy and convenient. All you have to do is:

– Visit the [Greenjoules website] or contact them at
– Choose the biofuel that suits your application and requirement. You can also request a sample or a quote before buying.
– Place your order and get the biofuel delivered to your location. You can also avail financing options and subsidies from various sources, such as banks, government schemes, and CSR funds
– Start using the biofuel and enjoy the benefits of green energy. You can also get feedback and support from Greenjoules and their network of partners and customers.

You can also spread the word about Greenjoules to your friends and relatives who are interested in green energy and waste management.

 What are people saying about Greenjoules?

Greenjoules has received positive feedback and reviews from many customers, experts, and stakeholders who have tried or endorsed their products. Here are some of the testimonials that Greenjoules has received:

– “We have been using Greenjoules biodiesel for our boilers and generators for the past six months, and we are very satisfied with the performance and the quality of the fuel. We have reduced our fuel costs by 15% and our emissions by 20%. We have also improved our boiler efficiency and reduced our maintenance costs. We are very happy with the service and the support of Greenjoules. We recommend Greenjoules biodiesel to all industries who want to save money and the environment.” – Ramesh, a factory owner from Maharashtra
– “We have been working with Greenjoules as a technology partner and a research collaborator for the past two years, and we are impressed by their innovation and impact. They have developed a novel and scalable solution for producing biofuels from waste, which is a promising and potential technique for improving waste management and energy security. They have also created a strong network of partners and customers, and demonstrated their social and environmental commitment. We congratulate Greenjoules for their achievements and wish them success in their future endeavors.” – Dr. Shweta, a professor at IIT Bombay
– “We have been supporting Greenjoules as a mentor and an investor, and we are proud of their progress and potential. They have a clear vision and a passionate team, and they have shown remarkable resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. They have also received several awards and recognitions, such as the Nidhi Prayas Grant, the BIRAC BIG Grant, and the TiE50 Award. We believe Greenjoules has a bright future and a huge opportunity to transform the green energy sector in India and beyond.” – Rajesh, a venture capitalist at 3one4 Capital

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Greenjoules is a game-changer in the green energy space, that is creating a win-win situation for the waste generators, the energy consumers, and the planet. It is a startup that is driven by a mission to make a difference in the world of green energy, and a vision to create a sustainable future for all. It is a startup that you should definitely know about and support.

If you are interested in learning more about Greenjoules, or want to buy their products, you can visit their website , or follow them on LinkedInYoutube

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