ForHealth: How They Are Transforming Physical Rehabilitation and Healthcare with Robotic Assistive Technologies

ForHealth is a company that develops and delivers robotic assistive technologies for physical rehabilitation and healthcare. It offers products such as Rehab Buddy, a lower limb device that provides smoothened assistance and resistance for patients with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. It serves various segments such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physiotherapy clinics, and old age homes with solutions that are affordable, efficient, and user-friendly. We will explore how ForHealth is creating value for its customers and partners.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Pune
  • STATE : Maharastra
  • STARTED IN : 2021
  • FOUNDERS : Harshesh Gokani and Soumya Chourasia

You can find their website here.

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About ForHealth

ForHealth was founded in 2021 by a team of engineers and designers from MIT ADT University in Pune, India. They realized the need for a better way of physical rehabilitation and healthcare, especially for patients with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, who face challenges in mobility and well-being. They decided to use their skills and passion for biomechanics and technology to create a platform that would enable patients to recover and maintain their physical fitness.

ForHealth has created Rehab Buddy, India’s first patented and tested bionic lower limb device with the sense of touch. Rehab Buddy is a 3D-printed, battery-powered device that can mimic the movements and sensations of a real lower limb. It can perform various tasks such as walking, cycling, stair climbing, and more. It works according to the sensors on the veins and contains a multi-grip control system.

ForHealth is a recognized startup by the Startup India Initiative by the DPIIT, Govt of India. It has a network of over 50 partner clinics across India where Rehab Buddy can be fitted and trained. It has also received support from various organizations such as NASSCOM, CoE IoT, MAEER’s Institute of Physiotherapy, Assistive Technology Foundation, MIT Institute of Design, AIM Prime, AIC-MIT ADT, and Venture Center. It has served over 100 customers, including veterans, farmers, students, and professionals.

ForHealth aims to provide a hassle-free and empowering physical rehabilitation and healthcare experience to its customers. It allows them to choose from various options such as size, color, and accessories. It also offers a warranty, maintenance, and customer support service.

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Their Products

ForHealth offers a variety of products for different physical rehabilitation and healthcare scenarios and requirements. Some of their products are:

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Their Benefits

ForHealth provides many benefits to its customers and partners, such as:

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ForHealth is a company that is transforming physical rehabilitation and healthcare with robotic assistive technologies. It is helping customers to recover and maintain their physical fitness with its innovative and intelligent products. It is also helping partners to optimize and bring forth a platform to assist the journey of recovery and self-maintenance. ForHealth is truly a leader in the field of physical rehabilitation and healthcare technology.

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