Financepeer: A Platform for Easy and Affordable Education Loans

Financepeer: A Platform for Easy and Affordable Education Loans – Education is one of the most important investments for a bright future. However, paying for education can be a challenge for many parents and students, especially in times of economic uncertainty and rising costs. That is why Financepeer, a Google-incubated company, has come up with a solution that makes education loans easy and affordable.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Mumbai
  • STATE: Maharashtra
  • STARTED IN: 2017
  • FOUNDERS: Debi Prasad Baral, Naveesh Hanumanth Reddy, Rohit Shyam Gajbhiye and Sunit Shyam Gajbhiye
  • EQUITY VALUATION : ₹5873.30M

You can find their website here.

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What is Financepeer?

Financepeer is a platform that helps parents and students pay their fees in easy installments. It provides education loans starting from 0% interest for a duration of up to 24 months in a simple 2-step processFinancepeer also offers up to 10% cashback and education insurance in case of unfortunate incidents in life.

Financepeer is not a bank or a financial institution, but a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects borrowers and lenders digitally. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the creditworthiness of the borrowers and provide them with customized loan offers. It also ensures timely repayment and risk management by partnering with schools and colleges.

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How does Financepeer work?

Financepeer works in a simple and transparent way. Here are the steps to avail a loan from Financepeer:

  • Step 1: Apply online: Fill in the online application form with basic details and upload the required documents. You will get an instant loan approval and offer from Financepeer.
  • Step 2: Pay the fees: Financepeer will pay the entire year fees upfront to the school or college in one installment. You can then repay the loan in monthly installments as per your convenience.

That’s it! You can also track your loan status and repayment schedule on the Financepeer app or website.

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What are the benefits of Financepeer?

Financepeer has several benefits for the parents, students, and the education sector. Some of the benefits are:

  • Easy and convenient: Financepeer eliminates the hassle of visiting banks, filling forms, and waiting for approvals. You can apply for a loan from anywhere, anytime, and get it approved within minutes.
  • Affordable and flexible: Financepeer offers loans at 0% interest or minimal interest rates, depending on your eligibility. You can also choose the repayment tenure and amount that suits your budget.
  • Cashback and insurance: Financepeer rewards you with up to 10% cashback on your loan amount, which you can use for other expenses. It also provides education insurance that covers the fees in case of any unforeseen events.
  • Quality education: Financepeer enables you to access quality education from reputed schools and colleges without worrying about the fees. It also helps you to avoid dropping out or compromising on your education due to financial constraints.
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Financepeer is a platform that helps parents and students pay their fees in easy installments. It is a peer-to-peer lending platform that uses AI to provide education loans at 0% interest or minimal interest rates. It also offers cashback and insurance benefits. Financepeer is a partner for quality education and a friend for financial freedom.

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