Fasal: A Smart Farming Platform for Horticulture Crops

Fasal: A Smart Farming Platform for Horticulture Crops – Horticulture crops are a diverse and valuable group of crops that include fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, and medicinal plants. Horticulture crops provide nutrition, income, and employment to millions of farmers and consumers around the world. However, horticulture crops also face various challenges and risks, such as unpredictable weather, pest and disease outbreaks, water scarcity, market fluctuations, and post-harvest losses.

Horticulture farmers need timely and accurate information and guidance to make optimal decisions and actions for their crops, such as when and how much to irrigate, fertilize, spray, harvest, and sell. However, most horticulture farmers lack access to reliable and relevant data and advice, and rely on traditional and inefficient methods and practices.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Bengaluru
  • STATE: Karnataka
  • STARTED IN: 2018
  • FOUNDERS:  Ananda Prakash Verma, Shailendra Tiwari and Shivang Kar

You can find their website here.

This is where Fasal comes in. Fasal is a smart farming platform that leverages the power of IoT, AI, and cloud computing to provide real-time and personalized recommendations and insights to horticulture farmers. Fasal helps farmers improve their crop productivity, quality, and profitability, while saving water, energy, and resources.

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How Fasal Works

Fasal was founded in 2018 by Ananda Verma and Shailendra Tiwari, and is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Fasal is an IoT-based AI-powered intelligence platform that captures real-time data on farm conditions from on-farm sensors and delivers farm-specific, crop-specific, and crop-stage-specific actionable recommendations to farmers via mobile phones in vernacular languages through Fasal App (iOS, Android, Tablet, and web).

Fasal monitors various parameters, such as soil moisture, soil temperature, soil pH, soil EC, air temperature, air humidity, rainfall, solar radiation, wind speed, and wind direction, and uses machine learning algorithms and agronomic models to analyze the data and generate insights and alerts for the farmers.

Fasal provides various features and benefits to the farmers, such as:

  • Microclimatic forecast: Fasal provides farm-level weather forecast with high accuracy for the next 14 days, and helps farmers plan and prepare for weather risks and opportunities.
  • Irrigation alerts: Fasal helps farmers optimize their water usage and irrigation efficiency by recommending when and how much to irrigate, based on the crop, crop stage, soil type, and weather conditions.
  • Disease and pest prediction: Fasal helps farmers prevent and control crop diseases and pests by alerting them about the risk and severity of infection, and suggesting the best preventive and curative measures.
  • Fertigation alerts: Fasal helps farmers improve their crop nutrition and fertigation effectiveness by advising them on when and how much to apply fertilizers, based on the crop, crop stage, soil health, and weather conditions.
  • Harvest alerts: Fasal helps farmers maximize their crop yield and quality by informing them about the best time and method to harvest, based on the crop, crop stage, market demand, and weather conditions.
  • Market alerts: Fasal helps farmers increase their crop profitability and market access by providing them with the latest and relevant information on crop prices, demand, supply, and trends.
  • Farm management: Fasal helps farmers manage and monitor their farm activities, finances, and records, and provides them with regular feedback and tips to improve their farm performance and efficiency.
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Why Fasal is the Best Choice for Smart Farming

Fasal is a pioneer and a leader in smart farming for horticulture crops, and has received several awards and recognition for its innovation and impact, such as the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, the NASSCOM Emerge 50, the Cisco Launchpad, and the YourStory Tech30.

Some of the reasons why Fasal is the best choice for smart farming are:

  • Fasal is fast and easy to use. Farmers can install and operate Fasal sensors and app in minutes, without any technical skills or training. Fasal sensors are wireless, solar-powered, and weather-proof, and can work in any terrain and condition. Fasal app is user-friendly, intuitive, and multilingual, and can work offline and online.
  • Fasal is comprehensive and accurate. Fasal covers all aspects of smart farming, from weather forecasting and irrigation scheduling, to disease and pest management and harvest planning. Fasal uses advanced techniques and technologies, such as deep learning, computer vision, and remote sensing, to provide precise and reliable data and advice to the farmers.
  • Fasal is flexible and adaptable. Fasal can cater to different types of crops, farms, and farmers, and can customize its sensors and app according to the farmer’s needs and preferences. Fasal can also integrate with other smart farming solutions and platforms, such as drones, satellites, and marketplaces, to provide a holistic and seamless farming experience.
  • Fasal is reliable and secure. Fasal follows the highest standards of reliability and security, and ensures that the farmer’s data and privacy are safe and confidential. Fasal uses encryption, authentication, and authorization mechanisms, and complies with various regulations and certifications, such as ISO 27001, GDPR, and BIS.
  • Fasal is supportive and collaborative. Fasal provides farmers with access to a dedicated and qualified team of agronomists, engineers, and experts, who can assist and advise them on any farming-related issues or queries. Fasal also works closely with various stakeholders, such as government agencies, research institutions, NGOs, and private partners, to promote and support smart farming and digital agriculture.


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How to Get Started with Fasal

If you are interested in adopting or supporting Fasal’s smart farming platform for horticulture crops, you can get in touch with them through their website, or contact them through their email – connect@wolkus.com or phone –9113965800  . You can also follow them on their social media platforms, such as LinkedInInstagramYoutube, to get the latest updates and news about their work and impact.

Fasal is the ultimate solution for smart farming for horticulture crops, as it provides a fast, easy, comprehensive, accurate, flexible, adaptable, reliable, secure, supportive, and collaborative service that helps farmers improve their crop productivity, quality, and profitability, while saving water, energy, and resources. Fasal is the best partner for farmers who want to grow more and grow better with smart farming.


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