Family Dollar faces record fine for selling products from rodent-infested warehouse

Family Dollar faces record fine for selling products from rodent-infested warehouse

Family Dollar, a discount retail chain, admitted on Monday that it sold food, drugs, cosmetics, and other items that were stored in a warehouse infested with rodents and pests. The company pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of causing products to become adulterated while being held under insanitary conditions.

Family Dollar was fined $41.7 million for distributing food, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics from a rodent-infested warehouse in Arkansas

The company agreed to pay a fine and forfeiture amount of $41.675 million, the largest-ever criminal penalty in a food safety case, according to the Justice Department. The company also agreed to comply with strict reporting and monitoring requirements for the next three years.


The warehouse, located in West Memphis, Arkansas, shipped products to more than 400 Family Dollar stores in six states. The company received complaints from some stores about rodents and rodent-damaged products in August 2020, but continued to operate the warehouse until January 2022, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspected the facility and found widespread evidence of rodent infestation and contamination.

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The company recalled products from 404 stores that were serviced by the warehouse on Feb. 18, 2022. The warehouse was closed shortly after.


The Justice Department said the company violated the trust and safety of consumers by knowingly selling products that were unsafe and unsanitary. The FDA said it will continue to investigate and prosecute companies that fail to meet their obligations to keep products in safe and sanitary conditions.

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