ExtraaEdge: Transforming Admissions in the Education Landscape

ExtraaEdge is a startup that provides an all-in-one admission and marketing software for education institutions. The software is designed to help institutions streamline their admissions process, increase their conversions, and improve their efficiency and productivity.

ExtraaEdge was founded in 2015 by Abhishek Ballabh and Sushil Mundada, who have backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, and machine learning. The startup is based in Pune, India, and has a team of over 80 members.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Pune
  • STATE: Maharashtra
  • STARTED IN: 2015
  • FOUNDERS: Abhishek Ballabh and Sushil Mundada

You can find their website here.

ExtraaEdge’s software is trusted by over 300 education institutions across the globe, including higher education, schools, edtech, vocational, coaching, and overseas segments. The startup has also won several awards and recognition for its innovative and user-friendly software.

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How does ExtraaEdge work?

ExtraaEdge’s software consists of various features and modules that cater to different aspects and stages of the admissions process, such as:

  • Education CRM: This feature allows institutions to manage their leads, prospects, and applicants on a single platform. The CRM also provides analytics and insights on the performance of the admissions team, the channels, and the campaigns.
  • Education Chatbot: This feature allows institutions to automate their responses to the queries and requests of the potential students 24/7. The chatbot also integrates with the CRM and other platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and SMS.
  • Application Management System: This feature allows institutions to create and manage their online application forms, fee payment, document verification, and admission offers. The system also enables applicants to track their application status and communicate with the counselors.
  • Mobile CRM: This feature allows institutions to access and update their CRM data on their mobile devices. The mobile CRM also helps institutions to identify and prioritize the hot prospects and follow up with them effectively.
  • WhatsApp Bot: This feature allows institutions to engage and communicate with their prospects and applicants on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp bot also integrates with the CRM and other platforms, such as email, SMS, and IVR.
  • IVR: This feature allows institutions to route, record, and track all their inbound and outbound calls within the CRM. The IVR also helps institutions to improve their call quality and efficiency.
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What are the benefits of ExtraaEdge?

ExtraaEdge’s software offers several benefits for both education institutions and their potential students, such as:

  • Reduced costs: Education institutions can save money on marketing, sales, and operations by using ExtraaEdge’s software to automate and optimize their admissions process. They can also reduce the dependency on third-party vendors and platforms.
  • Increased conversions: Education institutions can increase their admissions and enrollments by using ExtraaEdge’s software to reach out to more prospects, personalize their communication, and nurture their relationships. They can also improve their conversion rates by using data-driven insights and strategies.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity: Education institutions can improve their efficiency and productivity by using ExtraaEdge’s software to streamline and simplify their admissions workflow. They can also enhance their team collaboration and performance by using the CRM and other tools.
  • Enhanced student experience: Potential students can enjoy a better and faster admissions experience by using ExtraaEdge’s software to interact with the institutions, apply online, and get timely updates. They can also find the best-fit courses and programs for their preferences and goals.
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What are the challenges and opportunities for ExtraaEdge?

ExtraaEdge faces some challenges and opportunities in the competitive and dynamic market of education admissions, such as:

  • Challenges: ExtraaEdge has to deal with the issues of data quality, security, privacy, and compliance while developing and deploying its software. The startup also has to cope with the changing customer demands, education trends, and regulatory frameworks in the industry.
  • Opportunities: ExtraaEdge has the potential to tap into the huge and growing market of education admissions, which is expected to reach $6.3 billion by 2025. The startup also has the opportunity to expand its software to other domains, such as healthcare, hospitality, and so on.
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What is the future of ExtraaEdge?

ExtraaEdge has been making impressive progress since its inception, by securing funding from prominent investors, such as Flipkart, Axilor Ventures, and Techstars. The startup has also been collaborating with leading education brands, such as BITS Pilani, Manchester Metropolitan University, and DSU.

ExtraaEdge aims to become the global leader in admission and marketing software for education institutions, by continuously improving its technology, expanding its customer base, and exploring new markets. The startup also plans to launch its own consumer-facing app, where potential students can create and share their own education profiles using its software.

ExtraaEdge is a startup that is digitizing admissions for education institutions with its innovative and user-friendly software. The startup is on a mission to empower education institutions and potential students with more choices, convenience, and data, while reducing costs, waste, and inefficiency. ExtraaEdge is a startup to watch out for in the future of education and technology.

Ready to take control of your admissions process? Visit ExtraaEdge’s website today and experience the difference!

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