ExperientialEtc: The Future of Digital Advertising

ExperientialEtc is a creative ad tech agency that helps brands communicate through technology. The company offers a range of services including on-ground activations, digital activations, and video production, all aimed at creating jaw-dropping experiences for the consumers. ExperientialEtc was founded in 2017 by four entrepreneurs with backgrounds in the armed forces, NSG/SPG, and technologyThe company has executed successful campaigns for some top-notch brands such as Sony, Netflix, Amazon, and Disney.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Mumbai
  • STATE : Maharashtra
  • STARTED IN : 2017
  • FOUNDERS :  Karan Bharat Bhardwaj, Prashant Hansu Kumar Pandey, Rahul Vijayan and Yogesh Madhavji Mange

You can find their website here.

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What is ExperientialEtc and What Does it Do?

ExperientialEtc is a 360-degree activation agency that is disrupting the way traditional activations have been done by integrating the latest, cutting-edge, and futuristic technology in its most simplest form. The company uses various technologies such as holograms, augmented reality, mixed reality, immersive games, and innovative tech-led OOH to offer unique business solutions and product experiences for the brands.

ExperientialEtc’s process is simple and effective:

  • Strategy: The company understands the brand’s objectives, target audience, and market scenario and devises a customized strategy that suits the brand’s needs and budget.
  • Design: The company creates engaging and interactive content that showcases the brand’s story, message, and value proposition in an innovative and memorable way.
  • Develop: The company develops the content using the best-suited technology and platform that ensures the optimal delivery and performance of the campaign.
  • Disrupt: The company executes the campaign on the ground or online and creates a buzz and impact that disrupts the market and attracts the consumers.
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What are the Benefits of ExperientialEtc for the Brands and the Consumers?

ExperientialEtc offers multiple benefits for both the brands and the consumers, such as:

  • Higher recall: ExperientialEtc’s campaigns are designed to capture the attention and imagination of the consumers and leave a lasting impression on their minds. The campaigns are also viral-worthy and generate organic word-of-mouth and social media buzz.
  • Deeper engagement: ExperientialEtc’s campaigns are interactive and immersive and allow the consumers to experience the brand in a novel and fun way. The campaigns also create an emotional connection and loyalty between the brand and the consumers.
  • Better conversion: ExperientialEtc’s campaigns are persuasive and influential and motivate the consumers to take action and buy the brand’s products or services. The campaigns also provide direct and measurable feedback and analytics for the brand to evaluate the ROI and effectiveness of the campaign.
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What are Some of the Examples of ExperientialEtc’s Campaigns?

ExperientialEtc has created some amazing campaigns for various brands across different verticals and domains. Here are some of the examples of their campaigns:

ExperientialEtc is a pioneer and leader in the field of digital advertising and experiential marketing. The company is constantly ideating and innovating to create campaigns that are fresh and futuristic. ExperientialEtc is not just an agency, but a partner for the brands that want to communicate through technology and create a lasting impact on the consumers. 😊

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