eFeed: A Data-Driven Approach to Animal Nutrition and Health

eFeed: A Data-Driven Approach to Animal Nutrition and Health – Animal nutrition and health are crucial for the well-being of the planet and the humans. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), livestock contributes to 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, mainly from enteric fermentation and manure. Moreover, livestock is also a major source of food security, income and livelihood for millions of people, especially in developing countries. Therefore, it is essential to optimize the feed and management practices for livestock, to reduce the environmental impact and improve the productivity and profitability of the sector.

However, the current animal nutrition and health industry is largely fragmented, inefficient and unscientific. Most of the feed formulations are based on generic standards and assumptions, without considering the individual needs and preferences of the animals. Moreover, most of the feed ingredients are imported, expensive and unsustainable, leading to high costs and low quality of feed. Furthermore, most of the farmers and veterinarians lack access to reliable and timely information and guidance on the best practices and solutions for animal nutrition and health.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Lucknow
  • STATE: Uttar Pradesh
  • STARTED IN: 2016
  • FOUNDERS:  Ankit Patel, Kumar Ranjan, Ravi Chauhan and Sayani Mukherjee

You can find their website here.

This is where eFeed, a direct-to-farmer animal nutrition and health company, comes in. eFeed is a startup that uses AI and data to provide efficient and customized solutions for farmers, dairies and consumers. eFeed leverages predictive insights in generating feed recommendations through machine learning and data science tools, to maximize the milk output and quality in cattle. eFeed also provides premixes that are formulated to nurture the animals while also caring for the planet, by improving digestion, reducing methane emissions and enhancing immunity.

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How does eFeed work?

eFeed works in three simple steps:

  • Data collection: eFeed collects data from various sources, such as the animal’s breed, age, weight, milk yield, health status, feed intake, etc. eFeed also uses sensors and IoT devices to monitor the animal’s activity, behaviour, rumination, temperature, etc. eFeed also gathers data from the external environment, such as the weather, market prices, availability of feed ingredients, etc.
  • Data analysis: eFeed analyses the data using AI and machine learning algorithms, to generate insights and predictions on the animal’s nutrition and health needs. eFeed also benchmarks the data against the best practices and standards, to identify the gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • Data action: eFeed provides actionable and personalized recommendations and solutions for the animal’s nutrition and health, based on the data analysis. eFeed also delivers premixes that are tailored to the animal’s requirements and preferences, using locally sourced and sustainable feed ingredients. eFeed also enables data sharing and communication with other stakeholders, such as veterinarians, nutritionists, extension workers, etc.
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What are the benefits of eFeed?

eFeed has several benefits over the conventional animal nutrition and health industry, such as:

  • Increased milk output and quality: eFeed helps in increasing the milk output and quality of the animals, by providing them with the optimal nutrition and health solutions. eFeed also helps in improving the milk composition, such as the fat, protein, lactose, minerals, etc., which are important for the consumer’s health and satisfaction.
  • Reduced feed cost and wastage: eFeed helps in reducing the feed cost and wastage, by providing the precise and customized feed formulations and premixes, using the available and affordable feed ingredients. eFeed also helps in reducing the overfeeding and underfeeding of the animals, which can lead to inefficiency and losses.
  • Reduced environmental impact: eFeed helps in reducing the environmental impact of the livestock sector, by reducing the methane emissions and carbon footprint of the animals. eFeed also helps in promoting the use of sustainable and renewable feed ingredients, such as crop residues, agro-industrial by-products, etc., which can reduce the dependence on imported and fossil-based feed ingredients.
  • Improved animal welfare and health: eFeed helps in improving the animal welfare and health, by providing them with the adequate and balanced nutrition and health solutions. eFeed also helps in preventing and treating the common diseases and disorders of the animals, such as mastitis, ketosis, acidosis, etc., which can affect the animal’s performance and well-being.
  • Enhanced farmer’s income and livelihood: eFeed helps in enhancing the farmer’s income and livelihood, by increasing the profitability and productivity of the livestock sector. eFeed also helps in empowering the farmers with the knowledge and skills on the best practices and solutions for animal nutrition and health, which can improve their decision-making and confidence.
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How can you get eFeed?

eFeed is a product of eFeed Technologies, an AI-first company focused on making the animal nutrition and health industry more data-driven and efficient. eFeed is currently available for pre-order on their website, where you can also find more information about the company, the product, the features, the benefits and the testimonials. You can also contact them via email – support@efeed.in, phone – +91 9451463635  or social media –  LinkedInYoutube, for any queries or feedback.

eFeed is a solution that can change the way you feed and manage your animals. It is a solution that can help you increase your milk output and quality, reduce your feed cost and wastage, reduce your environmental impact, improve your animal welfare and health, and enhance your income and livelihood. Get your eFeed today and join the data-driven revolution.


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