IPL 2024: Disney Star and Viacom18 Battle for Advertising Dominance

As the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 approaches, media giants Disney Star and Viacom18 are gearing up to lock horns in an aggressive battle for advertising dominance. Even as merger talks between their parent companies continue, these industry powerhouses are determined to capture a lion’s share of the advertising dollars during this highly anticipated sporting event.

The Disney Star Arsenal


Disney Star, known for its sports channels, has set its sights on securing significant investments for IPL 2024. The company is seeking outlays of ₹167 crore and ₹83 crore for co-presenting and associate sponsorships on its standard definition (SD) channels respectively. For high-definition (HD) channels, they are pushing for ₹71 crore and ₹35 crore for co-presenting and associate sponsorships respectively. These figures demonstrate the magnitude of their ambition to dominate the advertising spectrum during the IPL.

In terms of spot buy rates, Disney Star has priced its advertising slots at ₹12.8 lakh per 10 seconds for SD channels and ₹5.45 lakh per 10 seconds for HD channels. Additionally, they are offering targeted ad opportunities specifically curated for the lucrative southern markets. This strategic move showcases their keen understanding of regional preferences, further solidifying their commitment to capturing the attention of diverse audiences across India.

Viacom18’s Strategic Approach

Viacom18, on the other hand, plans to continue streaming IPL matches for free on JioCinema, its popular digital platform. The company has chosen to keep its advertising rates unchanged in order to attract a wider range of advertisers. This decision reflects their desire to expand their advertiser base and maintain a competitive edge. In IPL 2023, Viacom18 successfully attracted over 500 advertisers, and they aim to build on this success by offering consistency and stability in their pricing strategy.

For a 10-second run-of-site midroll and preroll mobile video ad, Viacom18 is seeking a cost per mille (CPM) rate of ₹200. Furthermore, the company has set the ad rate for live matches on mobile at ₹16 lakh for 10 seconds. For connected TVs, the 10-second ad rate during a live match is ₹6.5 lakh. Viacom18 is also looking to generate revenue through innovative features in line with audience preferences. Offering an immersive experience, they are seeking outlays of ₹40 crore and ₹30.5 crore for Super 4s and Super 6s respectively.


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Overcoming the Challenges

Both Disney Star and Viacom18 faced significant losses during IPL 2023 due to a subdued ad market. However, industry experts remain optimistic about the prospects for IPL 2024. Shashi Sinha, CEO of IPG Mediabrands India, expressed hope that overall ad expenditure on IPL would increase, given the exponential growth in viewership on both television and digital platforms. This optimism is further supported by the insight provided by Madison Media Alpha’s CEO, Vishal Chinchankar. He believes that the IPL will see a surge in ad spending as fresh budgets will be allocated towards this highly popular and widely-watched event.


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As the countdown to IPL 2024 commences, Disney Star and Viacom18 are set to take center stage, vying for supremacy in the realm of advertising. With their respective strategies and enticing offerings, they aim to secure the attention and investments of advertisers eager to tap into the vast IPL viewership. Although challenges may lie ahead, both companies have proven their resilience and dedication to capturing the hearts and minds of the Indian audience. With the stage set for an intense advertising battle, only time will tell which media powerhouse will emerge victorious in this clash of titans.



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