CaneBOT: Revolutionizing Fresh Sugarcane Juice, from Farm to Glass

CaneBOT: A Platform for Fresh and Hygienic Sugarcane Juice- Are you a fan of sugarcane juice, the refreshing and nutritious beverage that is a part of our culture and tradition? Do you want to enjoy the health benefits of sugarcane juice without compromising on the hygiene and quality? Do you want to support a social startup that sources sugarcane from local farmers and creates micro-entrepreneurs by franchising its innovative solution? If yes, then CaneBOT is the perfect platform for you.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Pune
  • STATE : Maharashtra
  • STARTED IN : 2018
  • FOUNDERS : Kirty Milind Datar and Milind Vasant Datar

You can find their website here

CaneBOT is a technology-driven service that leverages robotics, IoT and Industry 4.0 to prepare and serve fresh and hygienic sugarcane juice. CaneBOT is an autonomous smart kiosk that enables 24×7 availability of freshly crushed sugarcane juice at convenient locations. You can use the CaneBOT app or website to locate the nearest kiosk, place your order, and pay online. You can also get information on the ingredients, benefits and usage of sugarcane juice.

In this post, we will tell you why CaneBOT is the best choice for sugarcane juice lovers and how it can help you enjoy the natural goodness of sugarcane juice.

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Why Choose CaneBOT?

CaneBOT is a platform that was founded by Kirty and Milind Datar, an IT couple who quit their corporate jobs and embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. They started with a vision to revive the dying culture of drinking sugarcane juice in India and make it a lifestyle beverage. They established CaneBOT with a mission to create a positive impact on the social and economic fabric of rural farmers, urban consumers and the country’s economy at large. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose CaneBOT for your sugarcane juice needs:

  • Fresh and Hygienic Ingredients: CaneBOT uses only fresh and hygienic ingredients for its sugarcane juice, without any chemical preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours. The sugarcane sticks are sourced from local farmers, who grow them organically and ethically. The sugarcane sticks are then stored in a temperature-controlled environment and washed thoroughly before crushing. The juice is extracted using a patented cold-pressing technique, which retains the natural nutrients and antioxidants of sugarcane. The juice is then served in a sealed and disposable glass bottle, which ensures zero contamination and maximum freshness.
  • Robotic and IoT Solution: CaneBOT is a robotic and IoT solution that automates the entire process of preparing and serving sugarcane juice. CaneBOT is an autonomous smart kiosk that operates without any human intervention. The kiosk is equipped with sensors, cameras, and a touchscreen display, which enable the user to interact with the kiosk and place their order. The kiosk is also connected to the cloud, which enables the user to pay online, track their order status, and get feedback and support. The kiosk is also monitored and controlled remotely by the CaneBOT team, who can update the software, troubleshoot the issues, and ensure the optimal performance of the kiosk.
  • Affordable and Convenient Service: CaneBOT offers an affordable and convenient service for the consumers, without compromising on the quality and taste. You can get a 250 ml bottle of fresh and hygienic sugarcane juice for just Rs. 40, which is cheaper than most of the roadside stalls and juice parlours. You can also get discounts and offers on various occasions and festivals. You can also enjoy the convenience of ordering and paying online, and getting your juice delivered to your location. You can also locate the nearest kiosk, check the availability of the juice, and pre-order your juice through the CaneBOT app or website.
  • Social and Economic Impact: CaneBOT creates a social and economic impact by empowering the rural farmers and the urban micro-entrepreneurs. CaneBOT sources the sugarcane sticks from the local farmers, who get a fair price and a steady demand for their produce. CaneBOT also provides them with training, seeds, and equipment to improve their productivity and quality. CaneBOT also creates micro-entrepreneurs by franchising its kiosk to the urban youth, who get a low-cost and high-return business opportunity. CaneBOT also provides them with training, marketing, and maintenance support to run their kiosk successfully.
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How to Order Sugarcane Juice from CaneBOT?

Ordering sugarcane juice from CaneBOT is very easy and simple. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Visit the CaneBOT website at CaneBOT.
  • Register yourself as a user and complete your profile with your details, such as name, email, phone number, address, etc.
  • Locate the nearest kiosk using the map or the search option on the app or website.
  • Place your order by selecting the quantity and the flavour of the sugarcane juice. You can choose from plain, lemon, ginger, mint, or masala flavours.
  • Pay online using your preferred mode of payment, such as credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, etc. You can also choose cash on delivery option if available.
  • Receive your order confirmation and tracking details on your email and phone. You can also track your order status and delivery time on the app or website.
  • Enjoy your sugarcane juice and share your feedback and reviews with us.

That’s it! You have successfully ordered sugarcane juice from CaneBOT.

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How to Contact CaneBOT?

If you have any queries, feedback, or complaints regarding CaneBOT , you can contact them through the following ways:

  • Call them on their toll-free number: 098508 14242
  • Email them at:
  •  Follow them on their : LinkedInInstagram
  • Visit their office at: B1-2102/2103, F Residences S. No. 44/45, Baner – Balewadi Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411045
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CaneBOT is a platform for fresh and hygienic sugarcane juice. You can order sugarcane juice from CaneBOT using a robotic and IoT solution that prepares and serves the juice in a sealed and disposable glass bottle. CaneBOT uses fresh and hygienic ingredients, sourced from local farmers and processed using a patented cold-pressing technique. CaneBOT offers an affordable and convenient service, with discounts and offers on various occasions and festivals. CaneBOT also creates a social and economic impact by empowering the rural farmers and the urban micro-entrepreneurs. So, what are you waiting for? Visit CaneBOT today and get the best sugarcane juice for yourself and your loved ones. 😊

I hope you liked this information about CaneBOT. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment below. Thank you for reading. 🙏.

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