BASIC Home Loan: The Smart Way to Finance Your Dream Home

BASIC Home Loan: The Smart Way to Finance Your Dream Home – Buying a home is one of the most important and fulfilling decisions in life. It is also one of the most expensive and complicated ones. You need to find the right property, negotiate the best deal, arrange the funds, and complete the legal formalities. And if you are looking for a home loan, you need to compare and choose from various offers from different lenders, submit the required documents, and wait for the approval and disbursal.

But what if there was a simpler and faster way to get a home loan? A way that saves you time, money, and hassle. A way that gives you the best options and the best service. A way that makes home loans basic.

basic home loan

Details of the startup:

  • CITY : Gurugram
  • STATE : Haryana
  • STARTED IN : 2020
  • FOUNDERS : Atul Monga, Kalyan Josyula and Pranav Khattar

You can find their website here.

That’s what BASIC Home Loan does. BASIC Home Loan is a fintech company that provides a data-driven platform for home loans in India. It helps you find the best home loan offers from over 70 lenders, apply online, and get instant approval and disbursal. It also helps you with the documentation, verification, and fulfilment process, through its network of agents and partners. BASIC Home Loan aims to make home loans faster, stress-free, and basic for mid-and low-income households in India.

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How BASIC Home Loan Works?

BASIC Home Loan works on a SaaS model, where it provides a cloud-based platform that integrates with the existing systems and processes of the lenders. BASIC Home Loan uses advanced technologies, such as AI, ML, IoT, and blockchain, to automate, analyze, and optimize the home loan process. BASIC Home Loan offers the following features:

  • Eligibility Check: You can check your eligibility for a home loan in seconds, by filling a simple online form. BASIC Home Loan uses its proprietary technology to match your profile and property details with the digitized credit policies of over 70 lenders, and shows you the best offers available for you.
  • End to End Fulfilment: You can apply for a home loan online, by uploading the required documents and signing the application digitally. BASIC Home Loan uses its network of agents and partners to handle the physical verification, valuation, and legal aspects of the loan. You can also track the status of your loan application online, and get notified of the approval and disbursal.
  • Free Consultation: You can get free consultation and guidance from BASIC Home Loan’s experts, who can help you with the loan process, documentation, and queries. You can also get tips and advice on how to improve your credit score, reduce your interest rate, and save on your loan.
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Why BASIC Home Loan?

BASIC Home Loan is not just another home loan platform. It is a platform that is driven by data, innovation, and customer-centricity. Here are some of the benefits of using BASIC Home Loan:

  • Best Offers: You can compare and choose from the best home loan offers from over 70 lenders, including banks, NBFCs, and HFCs. You can also filter and sort the offers by interest rate, tenure, EMI, processing fee, and other parameters. You can also get customized offers based on your income, credit score, and property type.
  • Fast and Easy: You can get a home loan in as fast as 15 days, by applying online and getting instant approval and disbursal. You can also save time and hassle by avoiding multiple visits to the bank branch, and getting doorstep service from BASIC Home Loan’s agents and partners.
  • Secure and Transparent: You can get a home loan with complete security and transparency, as BASIC Home Loan uses blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the loan transactions and records. You can also get complete visibility and control over your loan process, and get regular updates and notifications from BASIC Home Loan.
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How to Get Started with BASIC Home Loan?

If you are interested in BASIC Home Loan, you can visit their website or contact them at You can also follow them on LinkedIn Instagram and  Youtube for more updates.

BASIC Home Loan offers a free trial and a demo of its platform, where you can experience its features and benefits first-hand. You can also request a consultation, where you can discuss your home loan requirements and goals with BASIC Home Loan’s experts and get a customized solution for you.

BASIC Home Loan is more than just a home loan platform. It is a platform that is transforming the way you finance your dream home. Join BASIC Home Loan today and be a part of the change.

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