Agrograde: How AI is Transforming the Quality Assessment of Fresh Produce

Agrograde: How AI is Transforming the Quality Assessment of Fresh Produce – Quality is one of the most important factors that determines the value and marketability of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, quality assessment in the agri-supply chain is often subjective, manual, and inconsistent, leading to various challenges such as:

  • Food loss and wastage due to improper handling, storage, and transportation of produce
  • Unfair pricing and trade practices due to lack of transparency and trust between buyers and sellers
  • Low profitability and efficiency for farmers, traders, and exporters due to high operational costs and low returns
  • Limited market access and digital trade opportunities for small and marginal farmers due to lack of standardization and traceability

To address these challenges, Agrograde, a Pune-based agri-tech startup, has developed a novel solution that automates the grading and sorting process of fruits and vegetables by using computer vision and artificial intelligence.


Details of the startup:

  • CITY: Mumbai
  • STATE: Maharashtra
  • STARTED IN: 2017
  • FOUNDERS:  Kshitij Shrawan Thakur and Vinayak Gosale Nagnath

You can find their website here.

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What is Agrograde?

Agrograde is a technology platform that gathers and analyzes data of fruits and vegetables from various sources and draws insights to judge their quality parameters, such as size, shape, color, and defects, in real-time. Agrograde was founded in 2018 by Kshitij Thakur, Ankit Mishra, and Pranav Patil, who are passionate about solving the problems faced by the agri-supply chain.

Agrograde offers two products: Agrograde App and Agrograde Machine. Agrograde App is a mobile application that provides a quality overview of fresh produce by capturing images and generating a quality report that helps users while negotiating with buyersAgrograde Machine is a patent-pending, one-of-its-kind sorting machine that sorts fresh produce into different grades based on their quality parameters without damaging them.

Agrograde works with farmers, traders, exporters, processors, and marketplaces to enable better grading, sorting, and packing of fresh produce at the source, thereby improving their marketability, reducing post-harvest losses, and establishing trust in trade.

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How does Agrograde work?

Agrograde works in a simple and user-friendly manner. Users can download Agrograde App from the Play Store or App Store and sign up with their phone number. They can then select the commodity they want to assess and capture images of the produce using their smartphone camera. The app uses advanced AI algorithms to detect the quality parameters of the produce and generate a quality report that shows the size distribution, color distribution, major defects, approximate weight, and location of the quality check.

Users can share the quality report with their buyers or suppliers via SMS, WhatsApp, or email, and use it as a reference while negotiating the price and quantity of the produce. Users can also access their previous quality reports and data dashboard for analytics on their app.

Agrograde Machine is a standalone device that can be installed at the farm gate, mandi, or warehouse. The machine uses a conveyor belt to transport the produce and a camera to capture images of the produce. The machine uses AI-based vision systems to detect the quality parameters of the produce and sort it into three different grades using pneumatic ejectors. The machine can sort up to 1.5 tons of produce per hour and can be customized for different commodities, such as onion, potato, tomato, etc.

The machine also generates a quality report for each batch of produce and sends it to the user’s app or email. The machine can also be integrated with other devices, such as weighing scales, barcode scanners, and printers, to enable traceability and labeling of the produce.

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What are the benefits of using Agrograde?

Agrograde offers many benefits to the agri-supply chain stakeholders, such as:

  • Faster and easier quality assessment: Agrograde eliminates the need for manual and subjective quality assessment and provides an objective and standardized quality report in seconds.
  • Higher returns and lower costs: Agrograde helps users to optimize their returns by selling their produce to the right buyer at the right price. It also helps users to reduce their operational costs by saving time, labor, and resources.
  • Better customer and supplier relationships: Agrograde helps users to communicate and collaborate with their customers and suppliers effectively. It also helps users to avoid disputes and conflicts due to quality issues and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Greater market access and digital trade opportunities: Agrograde helps users to access new markets and customers by showcasing their produce quality and credibility. It also helps users to leverage digital platforms and marketplaces to sell their produce online.
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How to get started with Agrograde?

If you are interested in trying Agrograde for your fresh produce, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Download Agrograde App from the Play Store or App Store and sign up with your phone number
  • Select the commodity you want to assess and capture images of the produce using your smartphone camera
  • Get the quality report of your produce and share it with your buyers or suppliers
  • Contact Agrograde to get a demo or quotation for Agrograde Machine
  • Install Agrograde Machine at your desired location and start sorting your produce into different grades
  • Get the quality report of each batch of produce and track your data and analytics on your app or email

You can also visit Agrograde’s website or blog to learn more about the platform and its features. You can also contact Agrograde’s customer support, available 24×7 in multiple languages, for any queries or feedback.

Agrograde is a digital solution that uses AI to transform the quality assessment of fresh produce. It helps users to manage their produce quality and marketability in a fast, easy, and reliable way. Try Agrograde today and see the difference for yourself.

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